The Advantages of Using a Mobile App compared to a Browser

The Advantages of Using a Mobile App compared to a Browser


Mobile phones and devices now dominate every area of lifestyle and communications. Apps are integral to this, as they put the user in full control of their operations. Apps offer a greater depth of experience to online activity. This, plus a range of other advantages, have led to the wholesale adoption of apps across many different industries.

For example, in the gaming sector, quality gaming apps provide a range of games for players that are perfectly secure and convenient.

The benefits experienced by gaming fans using apps are also seen in industries throughout the world. Different online operations all make use of the greater effectiveness and smoother operations offered by apps as compared to mobile browsers.

Online games

Gaming online can be brought out brilliantly via app. An app has the advantage of offering a stronger connection than a normal mobile browser. If using a browser, the player might experience a dip in the coverage at a vital point in the game. An app is a safer way to ensure that all progress made in a game is kept and saved securely.

In particular, the online gambling industry has a plethora of mobile apps, including casino apps, bingo apps and even singular casino game apps such as poker and slots.

Online casino

Online casino games are now typically played via a mobile device through a mobile compatible app rather than a browser. Casino providers noticed a trend of the growth of mobile gaming and tapped into this market by creating their own casino apps. By creating their own app, casino providers were able to incorporate different features including sending push notifications to players for bonus games as well as promotions to use.

Online bingo

Online bingo is a game that has become very successful on mobile devices, with providers offering many bingo games to play compatible on mobile phones. The main benefits of play online bingo via a mobile device are the convenience and easy accessibility a player has, they no longer need to make time to visit a bingo hall, they are able to play in their own home or own the daily commute to work on a train or bus.

Another benefit of gaming and gambling apps are that payment options are also made far more secure. As with banking options, apps have fewer points where information can be accessed.

The latest apps also include a wide variety of different ways that a user can make payments. All major debit bank cards and credit cards can be used with an app. In some cases, cryptocurrency can also be used to make payments and receive winnings.

Banking and Insurance

Customer convenience and efficient access to information are fundamental to the rise in online app use. This is seen clearly in the banking industry. Banks have spent considerable effort in coming up with the smartest apps to keep customers connected.

The latest banking apps also offer a more secure way of keeping up with the activity in an account. Making transactions and views via a mobile browser, particularly remotely, potentially has more exposure than using the bank’s fully accredited app service.

Insurance and financial firms also offer their services via mobile app. Security is a strong concern in these sectors as well.


The travel industry has been quick to catch onto the potential of app services. Successful companies such as AirBnB and international airlines use apps to speed up the service. Every part of a travel experience can now be done via an app. From booking flights to organising hotel rooms, it is all made simpler with an app.

A key part of this convenience is access to new information. When you are using a mobile app you can stay tuned in to the latest developments on flight times, road traffic and other essential news that might affect a trip.

This is a significant advantage over using a browser that may not update its information as quickly. Some apps also even offer coverage of information when offline.

News and Media

While social media has long been aware of the power of apps, older media also uses them to a wide extent. Newspaper companies and news services deliver content to readers via app in a smooth and constantly updated fashion.

As with all apps, media apps benefit strongly from push notifications. These are on screen messages that are delivered to a user even when offline.

For news agencies, this is a key way of keeping a reader updated on the latest developments of a story.


E-commerce and major online retailers have in recent years seen a marked increase in app usage. A big reason for this is personalisation. That is, customer preference and the records of past purchases go a long way to delivering what the customer wants and needs to see on screen.

Mobile apps bring out a speedy and user-friendly experience. It also brings out a feeling of being connected to the shop or brand in question. Apps provide the retailer with a way of displaying their brand presence and offering their customers an overall shopping experience.

In this way, the app can work like a badge of authority in a similar way to a loyalty card that acts as a reminder of the relationship between shop and customer.


Education both in and out of the classroom can be assisted with a reliable app service. Remote learning apps provide students with a resourceful way to keep track of progress, take assessments and carry out lessons.

Mobile apps are also invaluable in schools and colleges. Teachers and students can access ways to communicate and study different texts and materials.

The Overall Advantages of Apps over Browsers

Mobile apps optimise the user experience. They often deliver faster results than a mobile browser. The main reason for this is that apps usually store information on local mobile devices. Browsers often have to go through web servers that slow down the processing time.

Another essential is that apps can offer the basic framework of an operation even when offline. Some of the content and functionality will still be accessible without a mobile connection. The app can store information and then make the required changes once an internet connection is restored.

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