What Makes an Attractive Website?

What Makes an Attractive Website?


Your website will be the first view of your business that a prospective customer gets. No matter what you are offering as a product or service, you need to make sure that the website itself is inviting and informative. Here are some of the best things you can include in an attractive website that your customers will love.

Mobile Optimisation
Many people use their phones to browse the internet nowadays. Compared to those who would prefer to still browse using a computer, mobile usage is climbing higher and higher with every passing day. To meet this demand, you must make sure that your website is fully optimised for mobile use.

A website like NetBet is a great example of a mobile optimised website. Even if you are browsing on a computer, you can see how many of the buttons are a bit bigger than usual and many links are hidden behind pop-ups. These are all indicators that the site has been fully optimised for mobile users. By choosing to add these changes to your site, you will know that any customers that access your site through their mobile phones will do so with ease.

Simple to Navigate
Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than trying to track down a piece of information that seems to have been buried in the middle of the website. You need to make sure you are openly displaying all the important information a customer might want to know. You should also make sure that the pages link together smartly. Being forced to navigate through multiple pages to try to track down the one thing you need to know will only result in the customer clicking away. Take the time to set up good interlinking between the pages on your site and you should have no trouble directing customers to where they need to go.

A Good Design
There is a definite, modern trend to website design at the moment. You need to make sure that your site meets these trends, or it can risk looking extremely outdated. This, in turn, will discourage people from using it as they may prefer to go to a site that looks more modern overall. Consider consulting with a web designer if you do not know how to bring your website design up to par on your own. With their help, they will be able to make recommendations to you that could massively improve the design and style of your website, potentially attracting more customers to you due to it. An attractive website is one of the most important tools a business can utilise in the age of the internet. If you think yours is not up to scratch, now is the time to change that. Take the time to improve your website and take note of the change in business you might see because of it. With the right website on your side, you can begin to grow your company and reach new heights in your sector.

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