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Getting to the airport is not as easy as it seems. Many people like to drive to the airport in their own car, but the parking spaces are limited. A2Z Airport Parking is one of the companies that wants to let you park your vehicle at the airport. But how many parking spaces will they have? Will your park be safe in their parking lot? How easy will it be to book a parking space via A2Z Airport Parking’s website? And what kind of customer service will this company offer when you run into some problems during the booking process or when you arrive at the airport? Only people who already parked their car at A2Z Airport Parking can tell you more about this car park facility. Read their reviews to get an idea of what A2Z Airport Parking is all about. Their experiences, comments, ratings and opinions can show you what parking your car at A2Z Airport Parking is really like.

About A2Z Airport Parking

A2Z Airport Parking is a company that offers airport car parking. They have a large parking lot and offer parking spaces for travellers and holidaymakers that would like to park their car at the airport. They offer parking spaces at Manchester Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport and Birmingham Airport. But there are many other airports included in their database. You can choose a parking option which entails that you park your car yourself. A shuttle bus will transport you from the parking lot to the terminal. That means you won’t have to walk all the way to the airport. You can also drop off your car at the terminal and hand it over to a valet. He or she will park the car for you. You can step out of the vehicle, unload your baggage and carry on to the terminal.

Please be a better parker than these drivers.

Services of A2Z Airport Parking

You can book a parking lot via their website. Just select the airport, drop off date, drop off time, pick up date and pick up time. There is also the possibility to enter a promo code. Then, they will show you the cheapest meet & greet or park & ride options. You can book the one that is the most convenient option for you and your travel companions. A2Z Airport Parking also has a customer service department to assist you whenever you need some help or advice.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for A2Z Airport Parking

Have you ever parked your car at the airport via A2Z Airport Parking? Then, you are the right person to tell us about your A2Z Airport Parking experience. How easy was it to book a parking spot via their website? Was there a parking spot when you arrived at the airport? Did you find your car safe and sound when you got back from your holiday, journey or business trip? And what kind of customer service does A2Z Airport Parking offer when something goes wrong? Please write your own A2Z Airport Parking review and tell us what your opinion of this company truly is.

A2Z Airport Parking
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Appalling - avoid!

Absolutely appalling service.

My girlfriend and I called ahead as instructed and then arrived at the airport to drop off the car and there was noone there to meet us. When I called to find the whereabouts of the driver, I was told that there had been a problem and we would have to wait at least 20minutes before anyone could meet us. When I explained that we could not wait that long as we had to get on a plane I was told I could leave my key on the tyre of my car. When I, understandably expressed worry at this, I was very rudely told, " Well you don't have to, you can just wait." The problem is that we could not wait since, like most people requiring this service, we were under time constraints as we had a flight to catch.

Reluctantly I left my car with the key on the tyre as I felt I had no choice. This is so unacceptable as a) it is highly insecure and could easily result in my car being stolen and b) it meant that noone was there to assess the mileage/condition of the car etc meaning that I have no insurance against use or damage.

Once in the airport, I called back and asked for confirmation that my car had been safely collected and was met with the rudest customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I was told very bluntly that it had not yet been collected (approx an hour had passed by this time!) and they didn't know when it would be. I asked politely if they would please let me know when it had been collected safely and was told "No, we've had a problem, we're too busy." in such an incredibly rude manner that I was shocked. I asked if they could even just text and the man reluctantly said "maybe". He then said "It's not my problem, you didn't have to leave it." which is hideously unfair as I really had only two choices - leave the car and risk it being stolen, or miss my flights and lose the money for my holiday. Not exactly what I paid for when I bought their services!!

Needless to say, I never received any text/call/communication to say that my car had been safely collected.

I had to presume from the lack of contact that all had in fact gone well. When we returned, my car was returned to me and I was asked to sign a form which had all the "damage/mileage" sections left blank. I was told that I couldn't take the car if I did not sign.

I have since noticed a nasty scuff on the front of my car which I am very sure happened whilst in their care. In addition to that, I am disgusted with the service I received and above all the rudeness with which I was spoken. I do understand that problems happen, but to made to feel like I am being difficult and unreasonable for asking to be let know when my car worth approx £5000 has been picked up safely after I;ve been told to leave it unattended with key on the tyre for over an hour is simply not acceptable. I really tried to remain calm and polite on the phone but I have honestly never been spoken to so rudely in my life.

A2Z responded to me by saying that they are not responsible for the actions/behaviour of the companies they represent.However it is their moral responsibility as a booking agent to ensure the validity of the companies they are promoting. If they are not doing this then I'm afraid it is entirely appropriate to say that they are not completing their part of the service to a satisfactory level and thus warrant a negative review.

People use booking agents because those agents are presumed to know the industry well and do the research on this for them. That is your job and duty of care. Nobody wishes to entrust a booking/comparison agent who is suggesting to them poor or even unsafe companies.

When I told A2Z this and asked them to investigate this was their response:

“We can not comment on your complaint without investigating your complaint but it seems you are more interested in posting your comments on a review website for this reason your complaint is closed from our end. You have full right to leave your comment on social media or review website if you are not happy with the outcome or if you think we have not dealt with your complaint seriously.”

They then closed the complaint meaning they are not going to investigate the complaint (as they themselves stated they must do in order to deal with it) based on the fact that I have written a review which is accurate based on my experience (despite saying themselves that I have every right to do so).

Unbelievably poor and unprofessional behaviour

By: Jessica 26-02-2019
Would buy here again

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