The most anticipated cars of 2022

The most anticipated cars of 2022
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The new year 2022 is rich in premieres of new car models. Bright novelties are awaiting release or have already been released in different classes and price categories. We have selected the most anticipated cars for 2022.


The German concern introduced in the spring of 2022 four new items of the existing model range at once. There was a sedan and station wagon Taycan in the new version of the GTS. Then the company promised to present the updated Macan, for which it was possible to leave an application in advance. Next is the Cayenne, which is called Turbo GT, as it claims to be the fastest crossover in the world. And the latest novelty for 2022 is the Panamera Platinum Edition. This is a car with an unusual design and a modified internal system. And right now you can experience driving such a luxury car in the capital of the luxury world - Dubai. Renting a car has become incredibly quickly convenient and, most importantly, affordable to a person with any level of income: take the Porsche car price in UAE and make sure it’s an exceptionally good price. Highly qualified car rental specialists every day help guests of the city and expats as well as residents with the choice and registration of any car for rent. And for you, the experience of driving a rented car will be an ideal replacement for the expensive purchase and maintenance of such a car.

Kia Sportage 2022

Here is the first car of the 1st generation - everyone already knows that in 2022 a new car from one of the most popular car manufacturers appeared. The official presentation showed that a completely new design was developed for the 5th generation. Now a power and hybrid engine will be available for drivers. Initially, basic and premium equipment will be available for purchase. The cost of this crossover also looks affordable.


The Germans did not keep the mystery alive by announcing their plans for 2022 ahead of time. So, a latest-generation RS3 hatchback and sedan, a newly developed RS modification of the Q3 crossover, Q3 Sportback, an updated flagship A8, an extended modification of the A8L sedan, and a sports version of the S8 will be available to RS3 lovers. The R8 sports car, which has yet to be shown in renderings, will be the year's biggest novelty.

Land Rover Range Rover

A new generation car has been subjected to various tests on closed tracks for quite a long time. Very soon, motorists will be able to check this car on their own. Its traditional design is liked by many potential customers of dealerships - the appearance of the car is familiar and recognizable. The technical equipment has been changed. A hybrid engine will be used as a power unit. A fully electric version is also available for purchase. The cost of the car will be quite high, but it is a reliable and versatile crossover.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover is an Italian competitor to the Audi Q3 and BMW X2. It was supposed to be shown in 2021, but due to quarantine and a shortage of microchips, the presentation was postponed. The 4.5-meter crossover attracts attention with its dynamic design. It will be offered in petrol, diesel, and hybrid versions ranging from 130 to 240 hp.


The flagship crossover BMW X8 was recently shown in a pre-production version. The $150,000 or more model competes with the Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus. The top version will be equipped with a 750-horsepower hybrid unit.

Nissan Ariya

Great crossover with cutting edge design. The aggressive look of the front end and the sloping curves of the lines will appeal to buyers. Many believe that the release of this machine is thoughtless on the part of the manufacturer. The fact is that this is an electric car, and such cars still raise questions from potential buyers due to the low number of charging stations. In any case, such a car can attract many motorists due to its design and technical equipment.

Hyundai Santa Fe

If you believe the reviews, then the new crossover will accelerate quickly enough thanks to a powerful 2.5-liter engine. The developers of the car have done everything possible to make the car safe and comfortable. The spacious interior will appeal to drivers with large families. However, some motorists did not appreciate the reduced viewing angle from the front glass. The main advantage of the new Santa Fe is its affordable price. This SUV is versatile and reliable.

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