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    When going on holiday, or even just have to be somewhere for a day, you might be wondering how you can get there. Of course you can have someone bring you, but especially when you live quite a distance way from the airport this might be too much of a favour to ask. And public transport does not always depart and/or arrive at the most convenient times or places. So naturally your car is the most convenient way to travel, but if you have arrived, you need to park it somewhere. Fortunately there are many companies that offer car parking facilities where you can park your car while you are away. One of these companies is ParkCloud. But is this the best option to choose? How secure are their parking lots? Hoe manageable is the booking process? And if something does not go according to plan, does their customer service help you out? That is what customers with hands-on experience with parking at ParkCloud can tell you all about. Read their reviews and find out for yourself if you trust this car park service with your car.

    About ParkCloud

    ParkCloud is a parking facility. Their goal is to connect parking spot/lot operators with people that need to park their car. They provide parking lots with parking spots for people that need to be somewhere for a few hours or days and want to leave their car on a nearby parking spot until they get back. Popular destinations include cities like Brussels, London, Barcelona El Prat and Paris. ParkCloud also allow other car operators to sell car park spaces on their website. You can fill out an online form if you want to be considered. And they provide their cloud services for businesses that want a way to manage the parking lot of their company building. Their offer automatic number plate registration, pin code entry, QR code scan, Bar Code Scan and Credit Card swipe.

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    Services of ParkCloud

    ParkCloud offers their services via their website, but you can also download an app for your apple iPhone of Android Smartphone. That way you can make use of their services anywhere and at anytime. If you need to contact them, you can call them via telephone or send them an email.

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    Sop, what do you think of ParkCloud? If you ever parked your car at a ParkCloud parking lot we would like to know your opinion. Did you find your car safe and sound when you got back? Or was your car damaged or broken into even though you thought it was safe and secure where it was? And if that happened, how did customer service respond? Did they take responsibility and help you out? Or was it so to say not their problem? Let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others decide if ParkCloud might prove to be a solution for their car park problem or not.

    Does ParkCloud offer a safe parking lot for your car? Read reviews about this connector of parking lots and car parkers

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    Parking facility saved lot of money and time and surely give relief

    There is lot of saving in time and money whenever we have to go for some vacation or even some small meetings or family gatherings out of the city. so using trains or airport.
    So cars are suppose to park somewhere. Park cloud assure the safety and maintainence of the car.

    By: Henry Jacob01-07-2018
    Would buy here again

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