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    Trying to get a new car? Selling your old car can be quite the exercise. How do you know that your car is not sold far under its market value? We Want Any Car sets out to relieve you of those concerns. But do they? Do they offer decent prices for your car? At, above or below market value? And is the selling process straightforward and simple, or complicated and long? Does We Want Any Car really buy any car? Find out by reading reviews and learning from previous car sellers!

    About We Want Any Car

    We Want Any Car started in 2010 with the belief that selling your car should be an easy process. It has quickly expanded and now it has over 70 branches all over the UK.


    When your company is called We Want Any Car, then you do really need to deliver on that claim. We Want Any Car claims to mean it and buys any car no matter how old it is. The company even buys cars or vans when they failed MOT vehicle tests. The same applies to cars without road tax and with outstanding finance.

    We Want Any Car also promises to avoid anything that wastes your time, this includes classified ads, auction sites, waiting for payment, and waiting for car valuations. If you have a car or van but are not necessarily interested in selling it, you can still get afree car or free van valuation.

    Understanding how your car is valued is important when selling it. Are all the important parts taken into consideration? An inappropriate or sloppy valuation could be the reason behind having to sell your car for less than it is actually worth.

    One of the biggest factors for the valuation of We Want Any Car is mileage. We Want Any Car takes 12,000 miles a year as average for a car. Cars with an up-to-date service history, a full MOT, and the same owner for a long time are also valued higher.

    Considering some colours are more popular than others (sorry orange), the colour of your car can slightly increase or decrease your car’s value. If your insurance has written-off your car as irreparable, it will have a huge impact on the valuation. The same applies to dents and scratches on your car.

    How do you know that you get a good deal for your car? Finding out that someone else would pay more for your car after you have just sold it can be incredibly frustrating. We Want Any Car promises to match the quote of a competitor if they offer a better price. This quotation does need to be in written form and the competitor must have inspected your car.

    What to expect at an appointment with We Want Any Car. Was the staff member who assisted you in your appointment as friendly as the one in the video?

    Questions, concerns, experiences and comments

    You can engage in a live chat with We Want Any Car’s help desk. Customer service is also available via phone (0843 645 0000 or 01543 592050). Calls do cost 3.5 pence per minute if you are calling from a BT landline, otherwise costs may even be higher.

    E-mailing ( or livechatting with We Want Any Car may therefore be cheaper altenatives to calling. You can also visit We Want Any Car’s office (opened from 8am-7pm on weekdays and from 9am-5pm on weekends) at:

    5, Newlands Court, Attwood Road, Burntwood, Staffs, WS73GF

    Lastly, you can also send a message to We Want Any Car’s customer care on its website.

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    Go for it

    Dont think just take their services, save yourself from mess and hassles. I am telling you they are just beyond best and amazing. perfect for selling your car at a good price.

    By: Henna28-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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