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    Dealing with money always comes with some risks. That is why you need to be sure that the bank that you do business with can be trusted and charges fair prices. Maybe that honest bank of Monese. But how will borrowing money or investing via Monese work? Will you be able to trust them with your savings and other money? How fast will your money grow if you put it on their bank account? Will it be easy to lens, deposit or withdraw money without getting into trouble? And will the Monese customer service be there for you when you lose a whole lot of savings in one go? Only customers who already dealt with Monese can tell you a bit more about this bank. Read their reviews to get an idea of what this financial institution is all about. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can provide you with enough information about Monese.

    About Monese

    Monese is a bank. Norris Koppel founded the bank when he moved from the UK to Estonia. When he arrived in his new home country, he had no credit history and also had nothing that could verify his address. That is why financial institutions denied him a bank account. It was difficult for him to receive a salary of rent an apartment. Therefore, he started Monese. He wanted to offer a financial service that is inclusive, on-demand and immediate. In 2015, Monese was the first company to provide bank accounts that are 100% mobile. Today, it’s possible for anyone in Europe to open a United Kingdom bank account via Monese. That means you will not be bothered by fees and restrictions that come with normal bank accounts. You can use a Monese account when you migrate or move abroad but the account can also serve as a primary bank account on which you receive a salary. You can decide for yourself how primary or secondary this account should be for you. Furthermore, you can use their website to exchange money for another currency.

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    So, you can easily open up an account at Monese or exchange currencies via their service. You can open up a bank account on which you can deposit money. Of course, you can manage this money yourself. You can spend it anywhere in Europe or do the opposite and deposit even more. If something seems to go wrong, the Monese customer service department can help you to solve the problem.

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    Do you already own a Monese bank account? Then, we would love to hear more about your personal experience with this financial institute. Was it really that easy to open up a bank account or were there lots of restrictions after all? Do you have the feeling that your money is safe on one of their accounts? And is the Monese customer service department willing to help you if you ask for it? Write a Monese review an let us know how you really feel about this bank.

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    An Innovative idea

    I consider it an excellent idea. Very simple as to buy a burger online, so simple.
    Almost a o line operation of a banking transactions
    And no need to visit banks to open an account.
    Just open this site Monese and go ahead with asked requirements of information and open account.
    Very useful.

    By: Becky19-04-2019
    Would buy here again

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