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    Before you decide to deal with a business, you might want to investigate what kind of company you’re thinking about dealing with. So how can you do that? One of the companies that offers solutions for this is My Business Profile. But what kind of company is this? How thorough will their investigations be? Can you trust their reports to be fair and just? How will they rate your own company? How safe are the results that they provide for you about your company or the company you want to know more of? And what kind of customer service will they provide for their customers? These questions can be answered by real customers of My Business Profile. Read their reviews to find out how My Business Profile works. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences will help you decide how useful My Business Profile is for you as a customer or company owner.

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    My Business Profile is a company that offers company details. They call themselves a global information services company. The company is a part of Experian. At My Business Profile , they allow you to instantly check a company online. They do this by offering data and analytical tools. At their website, you can register your own limited company at companies house. My Business Profile will show you how your business is looked at by customers, banks and suppliers. That way, you can improve the things that are effecting your business credit score. And you can also access new finance by increasing your growth plans. As a customer, affiliate, investor or interested company, you can find non-limited companies. You will know who you are dealing with by a variety of options. You can take a closer look at your suppliers, but also check the people behind a business. And you can even check out your customers. They understand that you, as a company, want to be sure you will get paid in time. Therefore, you can see if a company is financially stable. They can also show you how trustworthy a company is when it comes to paying their invoices quickly. And you can take a look at a company’s credit rating.

    The business profile of Jasmine, a coffee shop owner.

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    You can register at My Business Profile by entering your business name, business post code or registration number. You need to select if you are the owner or a registered company or non-registered company. They also want to know your company name, postcode and telephone number. You can contact My Business Profile’s customer service by giving them a call, starting a live chat or request a callback.

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    Would you care to tell us about your own experience with My Business Profile? How useful are their data and analytical tools? Did their analysis benefit your company? We would be grateful if you would share your story with potential customers of My Business Profile so they will know what they are in for when they register their company at My Business Profile.

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    I wasn't much concerned about this earlier but soon come to know how it affects the overall business of mine. I have a small boutique in London and also a small e-commerce website, selling various designed clothes. I registed with my business profile with required info, making things look better. Soon after my credit score and loan capability increased. I got a loan eventually, it took bit a time but expanded the business. I started getting recognized more. at the online space as well.

    By: Victor Ellen 17-04-2019
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