Companionship in human interaction is a basic need, and the absence of it can lead to emotional, mental and even physical problems. Companionship is needed to establish a sense of belonging and to boost a feeling of worth/being valuable, which operates at a very innate level and lack of which can trigger loneliness and depression in a lot of people. People with children, especially find that their fishing pond for a partner is relatively smaller. While their choice to be single or divorced parents is really not anybody’s concern, these categories of people have to be very circumspect in their choice of dating partners. For instance, they have to consider the need of their children- sometimes dates might be cut short or outrightly cancelled to attend to the home front since they are the only parent on the ground, a situation that might frustrate their search for love if not delicately handled. The security of their family also lies solely in their hands, and single/divorced parents feel the additional need for carefulness in selecting a mate that would not cause physical, emotional and/or mental harm to their children. Clearly, this is a whole different terrain when compared to the carefree, spontaneous dating of a single, unencumbered individual. is a company that claims to provide services that will simplify the dating process for single and divorced parents. Please read honest assessments of the dating platform below before you consider giving them a try.

    About is a dating site created to meet the needs of single and divorced parents. It was founded in 2013 to provide an opportunity for parents without partners to have a second chance at companionship. People with children have particular expectations and requirements, which changes their prospect for relationships, dating and companionship. Their services are for users across the world, but their profile matches are based on criteria to guarantee to find partners within the same region, which is mostly North Europe. The site is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish. The site provides its services for both heterosexual and homosexual orientations. The platform claims to be 100% secure and 24/7 confidential.

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    Users answer questions about themselves and their lifestyle, which is then run through a scientifically proven relationship and compatibility research to generate the most likely best possible match suggestions. The company offers a mid-range subscription fee, but for those who do not want to pay, they can create a limited free profile for free. There are no monthly termination options and no trial period. The company verifies profiles to ensure they are real and shows the number of views on a profile for the user to see. The email and the chat communication methods are used by the platform, but no videos are allowed.

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    Have you used the dating platform in your search for companionship in the past? Did you find their services satisfactory? Would you recommend them to others? Kindly leave an honest review of your experiences here. Tips on how the company can serve you better will be greatly appreciated.

    Basic dating tips to consider

    If you’re single and looking for love, it’s important to make sure you are searching for a partner with the right approach. The way you begin a relationship can greatly impact the way the relationship unfolds. To make sure you are good and ready to start dating again and building a healthy, strong bond, here are some important aspects you can take into account when you start dating again:

    What is a healthy relationship?
    Figure out what a healthy relationship is to you. There are many ways to relate to people, however, there are certain qualities that make for healthy relationships like mutual respect, trust, honesty, maintaining a meaningful connection and good communication.

    Analyze your expectations
    When we start looking for a romantic relationship, many of us do so with a predetermined set of expectations as to how the person should be, how they should treat us and what role they will play, what the relationship will give back to us and how it will make us feel. Usually our family, friends and society conditions us to think that relationships should be a certain way. It’s important to reconsider these and discard the ones that are not healthy or will not serve you well in the relationship.

    Needs and wants
    Wants can be negotiated, needs are not. It’s important to distinguish these. For example, wants can be related to their physical attributes or their profession, but if you take these wants too seriously you can limit your choices too much. Needs are different, they have to do with those core qualities and character that you look for in a relationship, such as their values, ethics or what their objectives in life are. These will turn out to be essential as you get deeper into a relationship.

    Be intuitive
    When looking for the right person, forget what looks right or seems right. Forget what your parents, best friend or people in general think is right. Focus on what feels right. Take time to get to know the person, see how they act in difficult situations and how they relate to you, and trust your gut feeling about them. No one will know best what’s good for you than yourself.

    Be honest about your own flaws
    Everyone has them, and it’s important to base your relationship on honesty so as not to create unrealistic expectations about who you’d like to be or who that person thinks you should be. Also, try to remember that what may seem like a really big flaw to you may not be such a bad thing for another person and they may even find it endearing. This may also help encourage the other person to be more open to you about their own flaws, which will create a healthier relationship.

    Enjoy yourself
    Enjoy your life as a single person. Consider all the positive things it brings! Learn to distance yourself from the idea that being single is a bad thing and try to grow as much as you can so you don’t enter a relationship asking a partner to provide for things that you are more than able to give yourself. Focus on making yourself happy and having fun in the process, it will set the conditions for a great relationship to come!

    If you are feeling ready to start dating again, here are some dating apps and websites reviews that you can consider beforehand:

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