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    Are you interested in older women? Or are you an older woman with an interest in younger men? Do you struggle to make this work for you on the dating scene because interests can often be misconstrued? Older Women Dating offers you a solution to this problem by creating a dating site to bring together people like you. Whether this is what you have always been looking for, or if it has simply intrigued your curiosity, read on so you can learn more about the company and their dating site. If you are then interested in what it might be like to be a member of this dating platform, have a look at some customer reviews so you can learn what other consumers have thought, and see if this is the site for you!

    About Older Women Dating

    Older Women Dating is a dating site and app dedicated to older women or "cougars", that are interested in younger men and vice versa. The site is part of a group of dating sites owned by one reliable company, some examples of their other sites are,,,, and

    If you are new to the world of dating older women, take a look at this video to see why older women have an advantage with dating men. 

    Customer Service: What is this company's main purpose and how can you use their services?

    In order to create a profile with Older Women Dating, the website asks you to indicate whether you are a Man or a Woman / cougar and whether you are seeking a Man or a Woman / cougar, in addition to the age range in which you are looking for a match, and the area in which you live so they can match you up with someone nearby.

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    Are you a member of Older Women Dating? If you are, please take a moment to share your feedback about this dating site! Did you find that it helped your dating life, was it easier to find people that you are interested in? Will you be continuing with this kind of dating? How does this dating site compare to other sites, or to real life? Feel free to share your opinions on matters such as these in a customer review to help out other singles with unique desires.

    What do members of OlderWomenDating think of the dating site? Read and write customer reviews about the dating effectiveness and member selection.

    Basic dating tips to consider

    If you’re single and looking for love, it’s important to make sure you are searching for a partner with the right approach. The way you begin a relationship can greatly impact the way the relationship unfolds. To make sure you are good and ready to start dating again and building a healthy, strong bond, here are some important aspects you can take into account when you start dating again:

    What is a healthy relationship?
    Figure out what a healthy relationship is to you. There are many ways to relate to people, however, there are certain qualities that make for healthy relationships like mutual respect, trust, honesty, maintaining a meaningful connection and good communication.

    Analyze your expectations
    When we start looking for a romantic relationship, many of us do so with a predetermined set of expectations as to how the person should be, how they should treat us and what role they will play, what the relationship will give back to us and how it will make us feel. Usually our family, friends and society conditions us to think that relationships should be a certain way. It’s important to reconsider these and discard the ones that are not healthy or will not serve you well in the relationship.

    Needs and wants
    Wants can be negotiated, needs are not. It’s important to distinguish these. For example, wants can be related to their physical attributes or their profession, but if you take these wants too seriously you can limit your choices too much. Needs are different, they have to do with those core qualities and character that you look for in a relationship, such as their values, ethics or what their objectives in life are. These will turn out to be essential as you get deeper into a relationship.

    Be intuitive
    When looking for the right person, forget what looks right or seems right. Forget what your parents, best friend or people in general think is right. Focus on what feels right. Take time to get to know the person, see how they act in difficult situations and how they relate to you, and trust your gut feeling about them. No one will know best what’s good for you than yourself.

    Be honest about your own flaws
    Everyone has them, and it’s important to base your relationship on honesty so as not to create unrealistic expectations about who you’d like to be or who that person thinks you should be. Also, try to remember that what may seem like a really big flaw to you may not be such a bad thing for another person and they may even find it endearing. This may also help encourage the other person to be more open to you about their own flaws, which will create a healthier relationship.

    Enjoy yourself
    Enjoy your life as a single person. Consider all the positive things it brings! Learn to distance yourself from the idea that being single is a bad thing and try to grow as much as you can so you don’t enter a relationship asking a partner to provide for things that you are more than able to give yourself. Focus on making yourself happy and having fun in the process, it will set the conditions for a great relationship to come!

    If you are feeling ready to start dating again, here are some dating apps and websites reviews that you can consider beforehand:

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    Interesting site

    OWD is doing a noble job.
    I found my partner on this site and today we both completed three months, sweet months.
    This is all about your zeal and lifestyle. Of course, decision will be at our part.
    My partner is 18 years younger then me but we chat, meet and use to go outside for good time.
    Thanks OWD..For your contribution else such kind of pleasure can't be measured by money.

    By: Audrey 13-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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    OlderWomenDating is mainly active in the Dating category, more specifically with Dating Sites, Niche Dating.

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