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    With veganism on the rise, and with many big companies wanting to cater to the growth in plant-based eaters, it's not surprising when you find everyone around you suddenly choosing bean burgers and tofu over their usual meaty alternatives. But for many, becoming vegan can feel like a relatively dramatic change in their lifestyle, and it may be difficult to alter previous meat-based recipes to plant-based ones. Companies like allplants have recognised this, and in turn, have started creating a subscription service designed to deliver you healthy and delicious meals. If you think you could benefit from plant-based meals being delivered to your door, or, if you're looking to make plant-based lifestlye changes for the benefit of the planet, then perhaps allplants is the subscription service for you. But before you decide to clean out the fridge, be sure to check out our customer reviews for real experiences regarding allplants, as this way you'll be certain as to whether this vegan food delivery service will fulfil all of your plant-based desires.

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    Allplants is a company built by chefs and health-savvy foodies with the aim of making it easy for others to lead healthier, more sustainable life - with minimum effort and zero compromise. In 2015, co-Founders and brothers JP and Alex switched to a completely plant-powered diet. They did it for their health and the health of the planet, and began to experience the feel-good results of eating only plants. Their change in their diet meant that they toned up, became more self-aware, and felt an all new fixed sense of purpose in building a healthier, more compassionate and thriving world. This prompted the start of a series of supper clubs, and it wasn't long before they decided to start developing a way to make healthy vegan meals accessible and convenient for people across the UK - with allplants.

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    All of allplants dishes is packaged in 100% recyclable, partly compostable and mostly resuable materials. Meals are designed to be delicious and energy boosting, and are prepared by chefs and then immediately frozen (blast freezing) in order to lock in as much nutrition as possible. Meals include Cashew Mac, Super Green Risotto, BBQ Burrito Bowl, Sunset Tagine and Smoky Soul Chilli, and if subscribers are unsure of where to begin, there is a Chef's Discovery Box, which includes 6 of the allplants best selling dishes. Most allplants dishes can be microwaved, meaning meals are ready in under 15 minutes from frozen. For meals that are best cooked in the oven, times vary from 40 to 55 minutes. Every dish comes with easy to follow cooking instructions, and meals will arrive before 12pm on the customer's selected day of delivery. For enquiries, customers can check out the allplants FAQ guide, or contact them via the company email address and phone number. For more on new dishes and recipes, customers can follow the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up to the company newsletter.

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    Have you tried out allplants meals and delivery service before? If so, we would love to hear about your experience with their company in our customer reviews. You may want to comment on the quality of the meals, or whether you think the service benefits your lifestyle. If you're a first time vegan or have been vegan for years, would you recommend the service to a friend? Do you have a favourite meal? Have you continued your subscription, and if so, how long have you continued it for? Leave your ratings and review, as this will help others who may be looking into using allplants decide whether this is the vegan food subscription service for them.

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    Nice option..

    I strongly recommend "allplants" to all .A natural booster these days.
    Check few fantastic products from list Smoky Soul chilli, cashew Mac etc
    Almost a transition time to change food habit .
    I personally feel ,every one should try it at least one time,just don't presume anything negative.This is all time healthy food, freshly delivered to your hand.
    For beginners,you can visit "all plant"site select six pack box and try it,
    I am sure ,you will love this from taste side and health side as well.

    By: Danny10-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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