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    Known for its popular black appearance, and the various shapes it can be moulded into, Liquorice is a popular confectionery with Scandinavian roots that has stood the test of time. Made with the root extracts of the liquorice plant as the main ingredient, this confectionery also utilizes other ingredients such as sugar, and starch to bring it to life. Liquorice has some mild herbal uses when it is used in creating a laxative. Though this sweet has stood the test of time, some people are becoming bored by its natural taste, and are in the mood for something new. And anyone facing such a dilemma might want to consider paying a visit to Lakrids by Bulow. Before you do that, it would be prudent to read the honest customer reviews of Lakrids By Bulow dropped here by their real clients to help you ascertain if they are worth considering giving a try or not.

    About Lakrids By Bulow
    Established in 2007, Lakrids By Bulow is a confectionery shop that asserts to have been known for the manufacture, and retail of their liquorice based candy, and sweets. Out of a desire to share the goodness of this underappreciated confectionery, Johan Bulow in 2007 opened the first Lakrids By Bulow shop in Svaneke. Cooking the liquorice in his shop so that its sweet smell would be the selling factor, this entrepreneur had the first batch of his product sold out within two hours. In 2008, he upgraded his business in other to meet the increased demand by renting a factory and installing a machine to aid in making the liquorice. And the ideas for his iconic products Liquorice NO. 1, Liquorice NO. 2, Liquorice NO. 3, and Liquorice NO. 4 were all conceived here. By 2009, a stroke of genius hit him, to do something that wasn’t really popular in the world of liquorice—add chocolate to the liquorice. And the company claims that the experiment has seen to the birth of many more, with liquorice of various flavours being produced, and added to their stock since then.

    Products, and services of Lakrids By Bulow
    Lakrids By Bulow has in stock a variety of liquorice flavoured candy which can be differentiated by their size, the manner of their coating, the dietary requirements of the individuals buying it, and its colour. Liquorice lovers can visit Lakrids By Bulow to shop for their liquorice in either small, regular, large, box of minis, or even one-size packages. Crispy coated, glossy coated, powdery coated, or even uncoated liquorice sweets are available. Vegans, organic food lovers, and even those on a gluten-free diet can take their pick of the liquorice flavoured products available at Lakrids By Bulow. All the liquorice confectioneries at Lakrids By Bulow are available in a variety of colours such as red, yellow, black, blue, bronze, orange, and grey. Some of the products at Lakrids By Bulow are Salty Liquorice Syrup, E-Salmiak, Everyday-Sweet, Crispy Mint, B-Passion Fruit, etc.

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    Have you ever tried any of the exotic liquorice flavours available at Lakrids By Bulow? What was it like snacking on a confectionery from Lakrids by Bulow? Would you recommend Lakrids By Bulow to other liquorice lovers in search of something new? An honest review detailing your unbiased experience with Lakrids By Bulow would be appreciated. You are also welcome to leave any tips that you believe would help the company make better products. We eagerly await your feedback.

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    Lakrids By Bulow is mainly active in the Diet & Health category, more specifically with Vitamins & Supplements.

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