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    Sores, aches and pains can really take away the fun in any sports activity. Some of them can even bother you during your normal every-day activities. Fortunately, there are some products that can help relieve the pain and other complaints. But where do you get them? One of the shops that specialised in products against sports injuries is PhysioRoom. But what kind of quality hot therapy do they sell? Will their foot care really help relieve the foot pain that has been bothering you for quite some time? And what can be expected from this sports injury webshop when it comes to delivery service and customer service? These questions can best be answered by injured sportsmen and sportswomen that have tried products from PhysioRoom before. Read their reviews to find out if the first aid, supports and braces from PhysioRoom have been able to help them. Their opinions, comments, experiences and ratings can help you figure out what you can expect when you decide to try PhysioRoom’s items.

    About PhysioRoom

    PhysioRoom is a company that sells treatments for sports injuries. The company was founded in 2000. Now they claim to be already established as the world’s leading, jargon-explaining website for sports injuries. Their assortment contains all sorts of products that can help when you have or had a sports injury or other sports-related condition. They offer, for instance, orthopaedic supports and braces such as knitted braces, knee supports, compression underwear, sports underwear, back supports, thumb supports, thigh supports, walking braces, children’s supports, neck braces, calf supports, shin supports, hernia supports, shoulder supports, hamstring supports, back braces, wrist supports, children’s braces, groin support, walking splints, arm support, elbow support and more. They also offer hot & cold therapy such as ice bags, cold sprays, muscle sprays, hot packs, cold gels, hot wraps, ice wraps, muscle rubs and cryotherapy. Their first aid category contains injury prevention, first aid kits and first aid supplies. There is also a supply of taping and strapping such as cohesive bandages, electric adhesive bandages, titanium patches, pre-taping underwrap tapes, adhesives, cohesive bandages and kinesiology tape. They offer footcare like socks, heel pads, foot protection, plantar fasciitis, toe protection, insoles, sole care, anti-blister products, arch support, cushions and orthotics supports. For rehab exercises and fitness training, they offer massage balls, Swiss balls, yoga mats, hydrotherapy, neck pain relief, seats, back pain relief, wobble boards, pilates mats, exercise wheels, gym balls, resistance bands, aerobics mats, stimulators, foam rollers, resistance loops, sports nutrition and so on. This category also offers suspension training, core stability training, step aerobics and hand therapy. There is also some fitness clothing like thermal clothing, sports protection, ion bracelets, food carriers, running clothes, compression clothing, sports bracelets and more. And they offer sports equipment like treadmills, boxing gear, weights, elliptical, aerobic flooring, vibration plates, steppers, rowing machines, fitness floors, cross trainers, exercise bikes and more.

    Sports tape from PhysioRoom.

    Services of PhysioRoom

    All of the products from PhysioRoom can be ordered from their website. Their delivery service will send the product right to your home. Besides the products itself, they also provide some educational content that can help you figure out all the jargon. And there is a customer service department that is willing to stand by you if you need some help.

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    never again

    Bought an item had trouble with delivery company and when trying to sort it out with this company they decided to set all emails i send back to me which isnt a good customer relations idea so dont advise buying from them and will never purchase from them again in the future.

    By: JOHN KELLY27-01-2018
    Would buy here again

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