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    Nootropics are brain-boosters or supplements that enhance brain health and cognitive performance. They work in many ways to produce a range of health benefits across memory, focus, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, alertness, stress resistance, and more. A Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr Corneliu E. Giurgea, the founding father of nootropics, was the first to attempt a descriptionof the qualities any substance must possess before being considered a nootropic. These include enhancement of memory and learning, improved cognition under stress, protection of brain cells, facilitation of cell-to-cell communication. Furthermore, such a substance must be backed by human research demonstrating the expected influence on brain bioactivity and should not trigger the usual pharmacological effects of psychotropic drugs. However, because of the evolving meaning of nootropics and widening nootropic audience with time, the health benefits associated with brain supplements have also become more numerous and expansive than ever before. For example, conventional memory pills have evolved into performance-enhancing nootropics that support working memory, storage, recall, learning, knowledge retention, and more. Also, various aspects of attention, focus, and concentration that are enhanced by nootropics can give users an edge in productivity. Educationally, students of academia and lifelong learners can benefit from nootropics' various enhancements for cognitive learning processes like memory formation, storage, and recall. Nootropics can also help emotionally in terms of relaxation, confidence, mood balance, motivation, sociability, anxiety, happiness, and more can optimize cognitive function and improve live performance. Brain wave-tuning nootropics can foster relaxed, free-thinking that is conducive to creative thinking, artistic exploration, and quiet contemplation. Sporting and physical activities are similarly not beyond the scope of nootropics due to their ability to improve motivation, intensify training, and promote focus in the gym. Lastly, nootropics have well-documented anti-stress benefits that can improve the performance of everyone from multitasking professionals to competitive athletes. One firm that claims to focus on helping people to have access to brain boosters is Playerz. For honest customer reviews of Playerz, please do read on.

    About Playerz
    Playerz is a company that makes brain boosters and other products. Playerz claims to have more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. The company claims that its brain booster can help enhance mental performance by unlocking brain potential and that gamers need to take care of their physical performance just like athletes need to enhance their psychical performance. Playerz is headquartered in Maribor, Slovenia.

    Products and services of Playerz
    Apart from Playerz brain boosters which are packaged as starter packs (one bottle of 30 capsules) and playerz packs (made up of one bottle of 30 caps, one ball cap, and one coffee mug), the company also stocks other items like mugs, ball caps, and t-shirts. There is the XXL pack of brain boosters which contains 90 capsules. The company also offer delivery services.

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    Playerz is mainly active in the Diet & Health category, more specifically with Vitamins & Supplements.

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