What should I wear for a sports massage?

What should I wear for a sports massage?
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Many of the first-time clients have several questions regarding the sports massage session. “How will I dress?” is one of those worries. From head to toe, this guide covers all the aspects that are of major concern.

According to the experts,

In your session with a sports massage therapist, it is recommended to wear loosely-fitted clothes as it will be easier for a massager to restore the motion and work on your injuries.

What top should I wear to sports massage?

For men, it is not an issue. If still, men need direction, it will be highly appreciated if you wear a loose-fitted shirt. Being a woman, you can wear a sports bra with your ease. Otherwise, the sports therapist will give you a sheet or towel to cover your chest.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting tops to avoid difficulties.

What bottom should I wear to sports massage?

For both men and women, lower body massage includes legs, thighs, butts, and required ailments. It is recommended to wear loose-fitted trousers during the session.

Avoid wearing leggings, jeans, or any tight-fitted bottom which can restrict the working process of the therapist.

What bottom should I wear to sports massage?

It is not of great importance but still, there is experts advice to wearing shoes during a sports massage. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to ensure that your feet are fresh, dry, and unscented. During the warmer months, flip-flops and slippers are perfect for this. For the winter season, wear shoes that are easy to take on and off.

Can I wear makeup for a sports massage?

Minimal makeup is OK and won't interfere with the treatment, but keep in mind that you'll probably need to put your face into the cradle at a certain moment. The area will get filthy and perhaps unclean if more makeup is applied to it. Your makeup will certainly be ruined as well.

How hair should be worn?

This is one of the most important considerations when going for a sports massage. The main point is; that your shoulders, neck, and back should be free from hair. If your hair is short, tie them with a band and give them extra support with hair clips. For long hair, you should make them with a proper bun or tie them with a catcher.

If you can get a massage chair, it would be great for your health. After the massage, you can sit on that to relieve tension.

Get ready for massage:

To get ready for a massage, apply the following tips;

1. Take shower before the appointment, especially when you are coming from an event.
2. Stay hydrated to remove the toxins.
3. Share your expectations and goals with the massager to give him/her a direction. They will be able to adjust their approach accordingly.

Make sure you and your therapist are not restricted to the part of the body for which you booked him/her due to your clothing.

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