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    Vile & disgusting

    Harriet Clay02-12-2018
    Would buy here again: YES









    Absolutely vile, Do not use British Gas under any circumstances. If you have recently moved in to a property using British Gas - call immediately to switch. I was paying an extortionate amount to British Gas for a tiny cottage where I never had a radiator on and was out for 16 hours per day.

    I then moved out, paid the last bill received and thought nothing else of them. I moved out on around 10/08/17

    I have had no contact whatsoever from British Gas since I moved out in 2017, but last week my Wife called me (Late Nov 2018) crying down the phone at a bill received to my new property, almost a year and a half later stating I had to pay £580 as this was my final bill! So for almost 1.5 years they haven’t contacted me to tell me this? They confirmed they had my correct number and have had my new address this whole time. They just simply could not be bothered

    I only pay my bills once holding the paper copy, British Gas advises they did not send a paper bill out because I opened an online account and it automatically changes your billing!! Not my fault!

    My wife has epilepsy and as she read the letter, she dropped to the floor and began fitting. I raced home from our local pharmacy and found her on the kitchen floor, semi conscious - tears still dotted on her face and clutching the British Gas bill in one hand.
    This broke my heart, she is petrified of debt and these vile, unorganised blood suckers made her this scared. She knows even I know we can’t pay this bill and I know when she hears me crying about it upstairs I’m just proving to her I’m not as strong as I need to be, for her.

    British Gas have washed their hands of us - a young, gay couple living with terrible and life threatening disability every day. They think by offering us a £60 recuction we are some how going to manage! We are paying back £10 per month, yes I work - but we physically have nothing, not a penny. I do not even believe this bill is right, how could it possibly be? I paid almost 2k to them in 1.4 years at my old place!

    This is being taken from the heating my wife needs. I have decided to stop eating at work, to pay for the £10 monthly charge as this would be the amount spent by me per week (£2.50)

    British Gas, stop our suffering. You can easily do this, your bosses are paid huge bonuses and as are some of your staff. It is wholly down to your own, lazy and unorganised procedures that you haven’t contacted us prior to this. Don’t dribble about being able to chase bills up to 6 years old - WE KNOW THIS IS NOT RIGHT! YOU SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED US. YOU ARE KILLING YOUNG PEOPLE

    The last thing I will say, is had British Gas actually informed us of this bill, we wouldn’t have got married in August. I could cry at the thought. We only spent around £200 on our wedding. This also breaks my heart, as British Gas would have rather had the money than a woman marry her partner who has no idea of her mortality or how long she will live for due to her condition

    BRITISH GAS - think very carefully before you reply as simply spouting the law or your collection procedure will not make you look any better - it will make you look like bloodsucking parasites, again. You have ruined everything for us and we are not stopping until everyone knows how carelessly you operate. The way you have conducted yourselves is utterly disgusting and you need to sharpen up your collection process. You are wholly responsible for what happens to me and my partner, especially when we can’t afford medication and food.

    Save yourself, your wife & kids. Save your mental health, don’t touch them with a barge pole.

    Further news articles to come regarding this story - I am not going to stop until I myself have physically caused British Gas to loose 50k. I will then move on to my next target of loosing them 500k. If you think one woman can’t do this you are so, so wrong. If you make me suffer, I make you suffer. Imagine your CEO’s faces, all of this distruption over £580

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