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    Energy is very crucial and indispensable to our living. It is by the energy that we do everything, and it cuts across every sector of life. In the home, energy is needed to run activities such as keeping the home warm, running the washing machine, operating the water systems in the home, cooking food for the family, operating the modern conveniences in the home and enhancing the quality of life in the home generally. In the offices, energy is also needed for maintaining the office, effectively using the amenities provided in the office, smooth running of the office, using the computer systems, operating machines and equipment, etc. Energy is one of the things that sustain life. Life would not be worth living if there was no energy to do most of the things we do today. As such, energy is very important in our lives. However, energy has become so costly that the value people get is not commensurate with what they spend on it. As such, the quality of energy has so much reduced in quality and efficiency. To guard against this, you must be very careful when choosing energy options and only use the services of energy brands that you can always rely on. If you are looking for where to get cheaper and affordable energy, you could consider Bulb. However, you should read reviews of Bulb here to know if they have been efficient in providing quality energy services.

    About Bulb
    Bulb is an energy company that was founded by Hayden and Amit in a bid to solve the problems of inefficiency, poor service, expensive tariffs, and dirty energy which they saw in the energy industry. They believed that energy did not have to be that bad and as such, they wanted to make a change in the industry. They strive to make energy usage simpler including helping their customers to switch their energy provider in two minutes. They are dedicated to providing a simple tariff for all. They claim their energy services are cheaper as they invest in technology to cut costs and pass the savings on to their members. They are committed to greener energy by providing 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas to their customers, all in a bid to save the planet. They also claim to put their members first and care a lot about their customers. They have an open energy community where they listen to the views of their customers. They pride themselves in having a resourceful and disciplined team who are ready to attend to customers' enquiries while providing highly commendable customer service.

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    Services of Bulb
    They provide energy for homes, offices, etc. at cheap rates and affordable tariff plans.

    Compliments Complaints and Tips for Bulb
    If you have used any of Bulb services in the past, kindly drop a review. How would you rate the affordability of their services? How would you rate the quality of their services? How would you rate their customer service? Did their services meet your expectations? How would you rate your experience when you used their services? Would you recommend Bulb to others?

    How to choose an energy supplier

    Choosing an energy supplier is not as hard as it may seem at first. It may feel overwhelming when you begin your search as the competitive market offers many options, so here we break down four key points to consider when choosing an energy supplier:

    1. Compare with your previous energy supplier
    It’s a good idea to always keep tabs on your energy expenses so you can later on analyze what your costs are, for your home or business. This way you will be more prepared when the moment comes to choose a new energy supplier and find out which one can better meet your needs.

    2. Supplier’s history
    Do some background research about the supplier. Is the energy supplier a well-established company in the market? Are they licensed to serve your area? What have been other people’s experiences with the supplier? Do they have a good reputation? The kind of reputation and position they hold in the community is an important factor to consider.

    3. Pricings and plans
    Reviewing their pricing and plans as well as the terms and conditions of the plan you are choosing. Try to find the plan that most accommodates to your needs and budget and, also, make sure the plan you choose can help you avoid being charged extra for services you are not interested in.

    4. Customer service
    Look for a company with excellent customer service, with employees that are polite, willing to answer your questions and help you when in need. This will make a great difference if you ever run into problems or misunderstandings. You can always do some research on the web, ask people around you what their experience has been or read customer reviews to find honest feedback on the company’s customer service.

    In BritainReviews you will be able to find plenty of experiences and opinions from real customers so you can objectively look and compare many energy providers. Take a look at some of the reviews and decide for yourself:

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    Is Bulb a trustworthy company?

    There are currently 0 customer review posted about Bulb. On average, they received a star-grading of 10/10, with 100% of the reviewers indicating that they would buy from the brand again.

    What services or products do Bulb offer?

    Bulb is mainly active in the Energy category, more specifically with Electricity, Gas.

    I have read all the reviews. What now?

    Did you get a positive impression from the reviews? If so, then you can place your order on the Bulb website with confidence. If not you can find many other brands to read about on our website!