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    Chances are that you are spending too much money on your energy bills. Finding the right energy supplier that has fair and cheap princes pays off in the end. It’s too bad that the search for that cheapest energy supplier is not as easy as it seems. Flipper is only one of the dozen energy companies that presents you with energy services. But what is the difference between Flipper and all those other energy suppliers? What will a transfer to this company be like? And will there be a helpful customer service department to answer your questions or solve your energy problem? The best people to ask these questions to are customers of Flipper. Read their reviews to see what being subscribed to Flipper means. Their experiences, ratings, comments and opinions can show you if Flipper is the right energy website is like.

    About Flipper
    Flipper is an energy company. They do not provide their own energy and neither are they an energy comparison website. What they offer is an energy service that is supposed to keep you on the cheapest energy. The word they call themselves is an “auto energy switching service”. They will flip you when your deal ends, hence the name Flipper. Not that they always wait for your deal to end. Sometimes they switch you just because they believe they have found a better deal for you. Sometimes that deal is found at British Gas, other times at ScottishPower, EON, Breeze or Bristol Energy. One of the statements posted on their website is that they won’t take commissions from any of the suppliers they deal with and therefore are an impartial energy switching service. Their aim is to save you both time and money because they won’t burden you with any paperwork. Flipper does all the work for you so you won’t have anything to worry about – according to Flipper, of course.

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    Services of Flipper
    The first thing you will need to do is create an account. Once your account has been activated, they will check your usage and search the market for an energy supplier that is, according to them, a good match for you. They will handle the transition to a new supplier unless your current supplier turns out to be the cheapest. Once the transfer has been completed, they will keep doing ongoing market checks because energy prices chance all the time. If there is any question on your mind, you can ask Flipper’s customer service to help you out.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Flipper
    Do you already let your energy be handled by Flipper? Then, we would like to hear everything about your Flipper experience. They claim to keep you on the cheapest energy, but is that really the case? Do they really flip you to the cheapest and most reliable energy provider? And what did Flipper’s customer service say when you encountered some problems or they missed a deal? Write a review about Flipper and tell us what your opinion of this energy website is.

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