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    Electricity has proven to be a vital and basic need of every member of society. We all need electricity to generate power for the functioning of almost all household appliances. Electricity can be gotten from different sources but in recent times they have been fear and concern about its negative impact on the environment. Due to advancement in science and technology, a better source of generating electricity has been discovered, and this has proven to have less or no negative effect on the environment. Solar power has proven to be one of such an efficient and reliable source of power supply, especially in developing countries. Use of solar power reduces the emission of carbon dioxide that could occur with some other source of energy, keeping the environment safe. Solar power could involve the use of either solar panel or solar thermal, both of which provides safe, clean, cheaper and constantpower supply. Getting and installing the appliances needed to generate solar power for your household is one difficult thing to do. Getting the wrong solar appliance could mean inefficient and poor delivery of power supply to your household. Therefore, a proper quotation is highly needed from a reliable source before installing your solar appliance. Solar Guide claim to provide free, no-obligation quotes from local solar PV installers. They connect clients to professional MCS/ Flexi orb certified installers by entailing the required details. Read unbiased reviews of Solar Guide here before visiting their website.

    About Solar Guide
    Solar guide is a quotation firm that specializes in providing a free quotation from trusted and certified solar PV installers. They are operated by Boilers Guide Limited and registered in England and Wales. They help clients get quotations by providing them with an enquiry form which helps them get the needed requirements. After which the requirements are passed to trusted and certified installer. The clients will then be provided with 3 trusted installers to compare and choose the most convenient and affordable. The clients have no obligation to accept any quotes.

    Products and Services of Solar Guide
    They help save money and time by providing free quotations from trusted and MCS certified PV installer after filling an online enquiry form. They provide a quotation that ranges from solar panels, solar panels + battery, solar battery, solar thermal, etc. They claim to keep every information provided confidential and solely for the purpose of recommendation. They also claim to respond to customers concerns and complaints within 24 hours of feeling their contact form.

    Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Solar Guide
    Have you used any of their quotations to get your solar appliance installed? Was the installer prompt and professional in delivering his/her required service? Are you having problems using any of their solar appliances? Would you recommend them to others with similar demands? Do you have any idea or tips that might be of help to the company? Your contributions and complaints are welcomed, as it'll be of help to the company in improving its service delivery.

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    Solar Guide is mainly active in the Energy category, more specifically with Electricity, Cheap energy, Green Energy.

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    Did you get a positive impression from the reviews? If so, then you can place your order on the Solar Guide website with confidence. If not you can find many other brands to read about on our website!