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    If there is one thing everybody, institution and even the government dreads, it is recurrent expenditure. Despite the importance of the services carried out individuals, many governments and organization managements often clash with labour unions over minimum wage and how much is being paid to the staff. While it is understandable in the case of government and organizations, that their most expensive recurrent expenditure is salary, a significant percentage of which drives the economy and improves purchasing power with positive effects, bills are mostly the recurrent expenditure for individuals. An example of such a bill is an energy bill that could rise to exorbitant amounts monthly. Failure to pay the bill on time could result in a power cut that will be very disadvantageous to the individual. It is in line with this that Switchd was established towards helping individuals save as much energy bills as possible. Before patronizing them, you might want to read reviews from those who have used their services to know if their claims are true.

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    Switchd is an organization in the energy sector that caters to people who use electricity in their homes. However, they are not an energy production or distribution company. Their major focus is implementing strategies that would help those who subscribe to their services to cut cost. You will be expected to pay a monthly fee of just £1.99, while they work hard to help you save £109 or more every month. Thus, they provide you with a fair bargain and help you to instantly gain well over 95 per cent of how much you have used in paying their services. Switchd have 2 sets of competitors including energy companies that just provide you with comparison while you make your choice. They also have direct competitions that are also available in auto-switching your energy company. However, Switchd claims to be the most effective generally in terms of gain after payment, compared to every other of their competitor including the free ones.

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    Services of Switchd

    The services offered by Switched entail helping those who subscribe to their service find the cheapest energy provider at any given time. As a result of competitions, promotions and reduced tariffs, the energy company that offers the minimum tariff changes regularly. It is difficult as an individual to follow these changes and stick to the lowest as some of the changes could be very brief and you might not notice that there is a new lowest tariff you should migrate to. Since this is the job of Switchd, they have an automated system that helps to instantly identify the least tariff and automatically switch you to the energy company providing that tariff, even while you are asleep. The implication is that you would be using energy at the least amount available in your area.

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    If you have used the services of Switchd, kindly let us know your experience? How much did you save per month when you started using their services? Were you able to find a better alternative where you saved more? What was the difference in your energy bill after you started using their services?

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