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    You need to eat healthy food, but after a long day, you don’t always have the energy to cook a meal. So where can you find an alternative? One company that offers frozen meals is Everdine. But what can you expect from these frozen meals? Will they taste just as good as a freshly-cooked meal? What kind of ingredients do they use for their meals? Will it take long for the customer service of Everdine to send the meal to your home? And what kind of customer service does this shop offer when the meal is not as great as they claim it to be? The best people to tell you a bit more about this food company are the food lovers that have already ordered one or more meals from Everdine. Read their reviews to know what you can expect from this food provider. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can make you understand what ordering a meal from Everdine really entails.

    About Everdine
    Everdine is a company that offers frozen meals. Some people spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare a healthy, nutritious and fresh meal for themselves and their families. Others don’t have any spare time to cook or just hate cooking. Everdine wants to make sure that even these people get a tasty and healthy meal. They offer to deliver regular food boxes to your home. They promise that it’s never been easier to stay on track with some healthy eating habits. They will cook a meal and prepare it with only the best ingredients. They promise bold flavours and some vibrant colours that make your meal look tasty. They make use of macro- and micro nutrients to balance their meals. After the meal is prepared, Everdine will blast-freeze the meal. Then, it’s ready to be packed and send to their customers. You or any other customer can heat up the meal when you feel hungry. Their meals include Morrocan Chicken Tagine, Mushroom Carbonara, Thai Green Fish Curry and Speckled Lentil Chilly. But there are lots of other poultry, meat, seafood, veggy, low calory or high protein dishes.

    A customer unboxing her Everdine meal box.

    Services of Everdine
    You can order a meal via their website. It’s also possible to subscribe to their meals. That means they’ll send you meals on a regular basis. Their subscriptions are quite flexible.  It’s also possible to pause your subscription for a while. And if you’d like to continue, you just un-pause your account. If you refer your friends and family, Everdine will provide the both of you with free meals.

    Complaints, Compliments or Tips for Everdine
    Have you ever tasted a meal prepared by Everdine? If you did so, we would like to know what the meal tasted like. Was it really as good as they claim it to be? How healthy are these meals? Did they send you new poultry or meat meals before you run out of frozen meals? And what kind of customer service does this meal provider offer to their customers? Please write your own review and share your Everdine story.

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