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Regular supplies from the supermarket use all kinds of animal-based ingredients. It can be quite difficult to avoid all the meat, eggs, milk and other non-vegan products. If you want to maintain a vegan lifestyle, GreenBay might be the shop for you. But what quality food will their pasta sauce of bread be? Will their fresh food really be as fresh as they claim? What will their jams or spreads taste like? Will you have to wait long for GreenBay’s delivery service to send you your shampoo or other hair care products? And what kind of customer service can you expect from this vegan shop when you encounter a problem? Only vegans who have already visited GreenBay can answer these questions for you. Read their reviews to investigate what kind of shop GreenBay really is. Their experiences, comments, ratings and opinions can show you if GreenBay might be able to help you to live a vegan lifestyle.

About GreenBay

GreenBay is a vegan supermarket. The company was founded in 2015. Paula and Anderson, the founders of the shop, experienced that it can be a struggle to figure out ingredients and animal testing policies. So they followed their dream to make vegan products available for everyone and so established the UK’s first Vegan supermarket. They are located in West Kensington, but you can order their products online. They offer all kinds of vegan food and household products. Their fresh food category contains meats, mayonnaise, ready meals, cheese, dressings, spreads and milks. In their food cupboard, you can find tins, dried foods, breakfasts, cooking ingredients, oriental groceries, snacks, rice, cans, pasta, nuts, cereal bars, jams, pasta, lentils, seeds, cakes, chocolate, cooking sauces, grains, beans, marinades, pulses, savoury spreads and more. They also offer drinks such as spirits, coffee, wine, energy drinks, wellbeing drinks, juices, cola, ciders, tea, fizzy drinks and coffee substitutes. But they sell more than just foods. They also offer health and beauty products like body skin care, hair care, magazines, oral care, body care, supplements, face care and vitamins. And they also have dog food and cat food for your beloved pet.

A vegan food haul from GreenBay.

Services of GreenBay

If you are interested in any of the food or other vegan products GreenBay has to offer, you can order them via their website. The GreenBay delivery service will send the item directly to your home. There is also a GreenBay customer service that can help you when you have some questions or encounter a problem.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for GreenBay

Have you ever tried snacks, ingredients or personal care products from GreenBay? Then we would like to hear everything about your experience with this vegan shop. What did their fresh mayonnaise taste like? Were their ready meals healthy and nutritious? Did you have to wait long for GreenBay’s delivery service to send you your fizzy drinks of spirits? And what will their customer service do if you have some questions or complaints about your feminine care products or supplements? Write a GreenBay review and let us know what you really think of this vegan supermarket.

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Very nice products

Few days back I had purchased some ecozone cleaning products and till that time I didn't owned any pets.
Delivery is really very good
Prices are affordable,and products are good for house care takers.

By: Padma30-03-2019
Would buy here again

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