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    Chocolate is delicious. But of course, you want the best chocolate there is. So where can you find the tastiest chocolate? One company that specialises in chocolate is Melt Chocolate. But what kind of quality chocolate will they sell? How much will you learn from their chocolate making courses? Will the chocolate gift box arrive in time for the wedding or another special occasion? Will their caramel really be better than the version that can be bought at your local supermarket? Will Melt Chocolate’s customer service really help you out when you have some question, complaint or problem? How friendly and helpful will their staff be? These are all things that real customers of Melt Chocolate can tell you about. Read their reviews and investigate if Melt Chocolate is your kind of chocolate shop. Their comments, experiences, ratings and honest opinions can help you to decide if Melt Chocolate is a good chocolate provider or not.

    About Melt Chocolate

    Melt Chocolate is a company that offers chocolate. The Company was founded in 2006 by Louise Nason. Their shops can be found in the heart of popular areas such as Notting Hill and Holland Park. They claim to make “London’s most luxurious chocolates”. All of their chocolate is made by chocolatiers that create their chocolate in-house. And they make fresh truffles each day. In their shop, you can find lots of chocolates such as chocolate bars, lollipops, fresh chocolates, hot chocolates, chunk bars and more. You can also offer a hamper filled with the most delicious kinds of chocolates. Of course, these hampers are a great gift to present on a wedding or other special occasion. But there is also a range of Easter Eggs and other Easter chocolates. Melt Chocolate even thinks about people with a specific food preference. You can find, for example, some vegan products. You can also create your own chocolate. Melt Chocolate offers chocolate making courses for teenagers and adults. For children, there is a special children’s lollipop course. And you can choose a macaroon course if that has your preference.

    How to melt chocolate.

    Services of Melt Chocolate

    You can order the chocolate from Melt Chocolate via their website. Just select the product that you want and have the delivery service of Melt Chocolate send the item to your home. That way, you don’t have to go all the way to London. Melt Chocolate also has a customer service ready to help you whenever you need some advice or assistance.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Melt Chocolate

    Have you ever ordered chocolate from Melt Chocolate? Or maybe you subscribed to one of their chocolate making courses. In both cases, we would like for you to tell us more about this chocolate company. How tasty is their chocolate? How did your own chocolate turn out? Were the instructions clear? Did Melt Chocolate’s delivery service send you your chocolate bars quickly enough? And what did Melt Chocolate’s customer service say when you asked for their help? Add a review and tell us what you really think of Melt Chocolate.

    What will the chocolate from Melt Chocolate taste like? Read customer reviews about their chocolate bars, chocolate making courses, Easter eggs & more

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    Ideal gifts for your love

    I truly admire the website, they have customized chocolate gift boxes, for various occasions and can be easily customized as well.
    I loved them, they accept bookings and orders for various options.
    Melt is beautiful than ever, regarding their decoration, packaging, taste, and everything. It just can truly 'Melt' your love ones heart.
    Best gift ever!

    By: Warner Wilson25-03-2019
    Would buy here again

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