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    Drunk daily by many families around the world, a daily component of the breakfast dishes of others, and a nutritional drink for many more; milk is a nutritional liquid that is usually acquired from the mammary glands of mammals. Though most people are more used to the milk that babies suck from their mothers and the ones that adults acquire from cows; viable, consumption-worthy milk is also produced from a vast variety of mammals, one of which includes goats. While, mammalian milk, is the most popular source of milk, that does not mean it is the only viable source of milk. Milk can also be obtained from plant sources such as oats, almonds, coconuts, and soybeans. Why do people consume milk? The reasons are numerous; it is a good source of protein and calcium, which are necessary for the development of good bones, and it also reduces the risk of contracting bone-related diseases. For milk, the fresh ones are the best, regardless of their source. So, if you have decided to ditch the processed milk to go for fresh milk, then Milk & More is an option that might serve your purposes. We think that you read honest customer reviews of Milk & More here to know if their products and services would align with yours before visiting their website.

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    Headquartered in Aldershot, Hants, Milk & More is a beverage company that is specialized in supplying food supplies that are fresh from the farm. Passionate about the better health of their customers, Milk & More alleges that they have dedicated themselves to providing products for the good of their customers. And they do this by entrusting smaller, trusted suppliers to supply these products to their customers. Although the milkman is history, people that received his services years ago were assured of the freshness and the quality of his milk. Milk & More believes that the legacy of the milkman is one that is worth emulating, and they have entrusted themselves to utilizing modern means to ensure that fresh milk gets to their customers all over the country.

    Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

    Products, and Services offered by Milk & More

    Boasting a new user-friendly website, Milk & More believes that their customers would be able to easily navigate their website to search for their desired fresh product. Apart from their fresh dairy products (which includes fresh yogurt, cheese, and milk alternatives), Milk & More also offers other items that are essential to a filled pantry. These include fresh fruits, bacon, sausages, and other meat alternatives; along with biscuits, fresh pastries, and confectioneries. Low alcohol drinks, freshly squeezed fruit drinks, squash, and other soft drinks. Staying true to their desire to emulate the milkman legacy, Milk & More offers a normal delivery option and a regular delivery option. The regular delivery option entails the customer selecting their favorite product, and designating a delivery period for them—which could be weekly, or fortnightly.

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    Milk & More is mainly active in the Food & Drinks category, more specifically with Order Online.

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