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    There are different reasons why people trace their family lines. For some people, it is to find an anchor for their identity, for others, it is to discover health markers and indicators that might be buried in their genes. Yet others do it spontaneously, for the fun of it all. Whatever the reason might be for wanting to know where our ancestry lie is valid. Through ancestry tracing, long lost relatives have been discovered, the tendency to develop some medical conditions have been identified and dealt with, tolerance of other cultures and races have been promoted, and individuals are learning more about why they have certain preferences or reactions. Some people have taken their genealogy as a hobby- tracing down cousins, uncles and great-aunts, and in the process, might even be pleasantly surprised to discover famous people in their ancestry. Some people that were adopted have also used this to try to find their birth parents or any relative for that matter. Some tests trace the maternal or the paternal ancestry, and it is important to find out which line is being explored before you commit to the test. 23andMe is one of the leading providers of genetic testing for ancestry tracing. For honest reviews of the company, please read on.

    About 23andMe

    23andMe is a biotechnology company that provides direct-to-consumer genetic testing and interpretation service in which analyses the saliva samples provided by customers in their laboratory to generate reports relating to the customer's ancestry and genetic predispositions to health-related topics. The company is based in Sunnydale, California and was founded by Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza and Anne Wojcicki in 2006. By 2007, the company was already a trailblazer in offering autosomal DNA testing for ancestry, which is now accessible in many companies. They assert to now offer ancestry tracing that covers over 1500 regions of the world.

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    Products and Services of 23andMe

    The company’s products include Traits reports, which shows the customers' likelihood to have certain characteristics and shows how DNA affects hair colour, taste preferences and more. They also provide Ancestry Timeline tracing, which tracks when different ancestries were introduced into your DNA. There is also the social genetic twist, where other customers within their portfolio that share your DNA can be introduced. Inheritance tracing shows how certain populations were passed down through different generations, as well as Ancestry percentages testing within 0.1%. 23andMe also claims to be able to tell how much of your DNA (if any) is derived from Neanderthals.

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    Have you used the services of 23andMe in the past to determine your ancestry? If yes then you are in the best position to share your experiences. Was the process easy or complicated? Were you required to provide any specific documentation or requirements? Do you have any indications as to the accuracy of their results? Please share your experience of their services, and how it has impacted your life. Tips on how the company can serve you and others better would also be welcome.

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