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    24/7 Home Rescue, Fleecing Company - Avoid at all cost

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    24/7 Home Rescue, Fleecing Company - Avoid at all cost
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    We have suffered at the hands of these scam merchants.
    We have the boiler cover with 24/7 Home Rescue for one and half year. My boiler breakdown and pay them Excess £95, after few days engineer came and said need Diverter Valve or Aqua Sensor or Mother board. Phone them and they told me that they have decide my boiler is Beyond Economical Repair (BER) and not repairing it. But they can arrange the private engineer but it will cost around £450 + VAT.
    We have already paid them about 300 + pounds but when the time comes to repair the boiler they play dishonesty. Because the local Engineer charge me £120 (labour + part) and the boiler is working fine for the past seven weeks.
    Complaint to the 24/7 home rescue with all the facts but they said, company is right to deny the repair on the basis of Beyond Economical Repair (BER). (Note: my boiler is only 5 years old > Vaillant).
    "The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates businesses that deal with contracts of insurance. 24|7 Home Assist Limited is not regulated as they do not offer contracts of insurance and therefore complaints are not investigated by the Financial Ombudsman Service."
    And they are not member of any regulatory or any Dispute Resolution body. It means if anyone have problem with them, they can decide whatever they want and you cannot take it to any independent organisation.
    Because the way they are set up they do not have to be regulated by any official body so it’s impossible to many a claim although some have complained to trading standards via citizens advice or taken them to court They are set up to take as much money from their customers as possible by using gas engineers( who they do not employ)
    So please please think twice before you take boiler cover with them.

    Alice Roberts18-02-2019

    Hi Dean, Your comments regarding the service you received by 24|7 Home Rescue is very important to us. We want customers to have a stress- free experience with 24|7 Home Rescue. We aim to take the pressure out of the emergency that you have encountered. Your report of difficulties in your engagement with us is a serious concern. Mindful of this we are eager to seek out some form of explanation and in doing so reach a resolution for the concerns raised by yourself. Please email us directly at with your customer reference number to hand and a member of our team will be more than happy to look into this for you. Kind regards, Alice Roberts 247 Social Media team

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