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    Paul Fox28-06-2018
    Would buy here again: NO









    Please do not waste your money. Where do I start? Contacted them as our Glow Worm boiler stopped working completely. The engineer came out eventually (after trying to diagnose over the phone lol) said he knew what the problem was but didn’t even take the cover off l! This is when we found out that 247 are happy to take your premiums but if your boiler is over say 5 years old then the cost of repair surprise surprise will be more than the value of the boiler - a calculation we were previously unaware of - so they would not cover the cost of repair Though to be fair it is in the t&c’s though lost amongst the lengthy exclusions and the cost of repair is very much subjective and in their favour! To sort out they said they would arrange a visit from the manufacturer’s engineer “at a reduced rate” of £240 this is a downright lie as £240 is the standard call out charge of Glow Worm as per their website. The guy came out but immediately condemned the boiler as it had both a gas and slight Carbon Monoxide leak. He was amazed that the 24-7 engineer hadn’t discovered these in fact he said if he had done the initial inspection and a boss inspected his work after he would expect to be severely reprimanded even sacked !for missing these leaks!! To cut a long story short the boiler was eventually fixed no thanks to this shambles of a company. To top it all off after condemning the boiler and deeming it uninsurable they wanted us to pay a penalty because we cancelled the policy!!! Would never recommend to anyone

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