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    Den daly04-09-2018
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    We had a short power cut approx 2 minutes...then the boiler was making strange noises and stopped the immersion was working and we were both busy we decided to wait a few days before calling out 24|7....when the engineer turned up he looked at boiler and then said that the power cut had frazzled by the power cut and would need a new one.We waited a week for a call from them and they told us it was beyond economical repair as the part would be in excess of £550!!!!!! So we decided to wait still using the immersion for water....they kept on phoning us asking when we wanted the new boiler fitted £2,500!!!!!! Then all of a sudden the boiler came back to life!!!!!!! We contacted an independent boiler engineer and he told us the boiler is one of the best he has seen and the new circuit board would cost no more than £200 if it was because of the hot weather we have had instead of replacing the boiler which they said and waited we have saved £2,500 and will be contacting trading standards of why they said we needed a new boiler when ours just had a little blip

    24/7 Home Rescue24-09-2018

    Dear, Den. A boiler may be deemed as beyond economical repair if an assessment is undertaken and it is determined that the cost of repair is greater than 60% of the manufacturer’s current recommended retail price. Factors within this assessment can include the cost of repair, the cost of labour, the age of the boiler and its value. Customers whose claims are not progressed as a result of this are to be sent a detailed emailed setting out any relevant costings. At the moment, we are unable to provide a response for your particular case using the details provided. If you do wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact our team directly by email at with the relevant details including your policy reference. Regards, Lauren 24/7 Home Rescue.

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