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    Cannot believe 24/7 is a legitimate company

    Toby Larkin25-09-2018
    Would buy here again: NO









    Cannot believe 24/7 is a legitimate company! after almost 2 years paying for boiler cover w had an issue where our hot water would start hot for a few seconds then would run tepit (not warm enough to have a bath or shower).
    when calling 24/7 home rescue to report the issue i was told that they would not come out as it is an INTERMITTENT fault ant this is not covered as they are to difficult for them to fix.
    After further discussions they agreed to send a engineer out as a "Good Will Gesture". The engineer attended a few days later and identified a faulty part and we were told that they would have to order the part and return to fit it.
    A few days later i revived a call from 24/7 home rescue to tell me that because it is an Intermittent fault i will have to pay for the part and the call out even though my contracts that these are covered.
    Currently we are waiting for a call back from them to try and explain why they will not honor our contract agreement leaving us in a house with no hot water.

    This is a company that is hiding behind vague wording to avoid helping in any way.

    If you're looking for boiler cover avoid these guys like the plague.

    24/7 Home Rescue25-09-2018

    Dear, Toby. Your comments are important to us as we do endeavour for our customers to have a stress-free experience, especially when experiencing an emergency. At the moment, we are unable to provide a response for your particular case using the details provided. If you do wish to discuss this matter further, we would invite you to contact our team directly by email at with the relevant details (including your policy reference). Regards, Lauren 24/7 Home Rescue.

    Lucy b13-11-2018

    We have had very similar and I'm shocked at how many people this happening too yet they are still trading need shutting down. Sadly we were charged for a call out despite them knowing it was intermittent and that they we were not covered thankfully we paid credit card so have them able to start the process in supporting us with the fight against them - as that's how it seems to going a fight the staff are disgustingly rude never heard anything like it then to be told when I wanted to cancel that I would be charged £144 which is more than I would pay for the year for the non existent cover.....complete scammers

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