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    Could be an absolute scam with Engineers who act like old car mechanics where you have a puncture & ended up with needing new engine

    S. Allybokus05-12-2018
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    I had a boiler which was serviced by a Gas Safe engineer some 5-6 months before I had to call 24/7 Home Rescue who I had joined recently for what I thought was peace of mind mostly for my tenant.

    Unluckily her pilot light went off and could not be restarted. so I called 247 who said I was within the cancellation period so would need to pay for the repairs. They had booked the annual service and asked me to pay for it and they will do that at the same time. But then I remembered that the boilder was serviced less than 6 months before. So that service was cancelled and the money EVENTUALLY refunded although they forced me to pay more than twice the amount for the repairs.

    The Gas engineer came ad got the boiler going no problem.

    3 weeks later, i.e. yesterday 04.12.18 the pilot went again so I called them. They booked an engineer and I informed the tenant that they would call the elderly handicapped person that night. This morning I found out they never called but as I was writing a letter of complaint as it took me 45 minutes just to get through to their Emergency helpline, which as usual try to wriggle out of doing anything. My tenant had rang them before and they was asking for my name which they were given as it is on the policy and they told the tenant that was not the name they had! I had a lot of difficulties as every email they send you is from a "NO-REPLY" email address. It is just a trick so that they can pretend they never received your letters and having a phone which takes up to an hour to reply just put you off getting their help or a reply.

    One of my emails to their own complaints dept in their "Terms and conditions" was returned this am which I attach now as I also sent it to 2 other of their email addresses:

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    Contact Enquiry :

    Copy of email sent to you 7 days ago with no reply: 28 Nov 2018, 09:04 (7 days ago) to complaints Dear Sirs, We now write to confirm our complaint to Kirby on the 23rd November 2018 An Engineer called Hayley had rung us a few days before to inform us that she was going to do Flat 2 to do the annual service. She was told that Flat 2 does not need any service yet until April 2019 and since she had been booked to go to No 7 Queens Road CH42 !QY, she might as well do Flat 3 where Bob will give her access as that flat is also covered and may need an annual service. She said she could not do that as her paperwork states Flat \". She was informed that Flat 2 was serviced a couple of weeks before and does not require a service. I now attach a CP12 issued by the GasSafe registered engineer who serviced Flat 2 some 5-6 months ago. I was shocked that on the day she rang me from the property although I had instructed her that Flat 2 had been cancelled and my money refunded and apparently she proceeded to service Flat 2\'s boiler again. That boiler had been serviced by another 247 Home rescue engineer 2-3 weeks before. I would be grateful if you would send us the details of the HR360 engineer who did the service and his Gas safe registration. We would also like to have Haylay\'s registration details as we find it extraordinary that after she was informed that it must have been a small clerical error on her paperwork she compounde dthings by doing things that she should not have done and came up with some cock and bull story that things needed to be done which two previous GasSafe Engineers said did not exist. When Flat 2 boiler service was cancelled 247 Home rescue was told that Flat 3 may require an annual service but not Flat 2. So when the engineer contacted us there has been a slight confusion on her paperwork as wee informed her and since she was going to the same premises and was given access to Flat 3 she could have done the boiler there as requested, but she chose not to correct the slight clerical error. A siple phone call with you would have set the record straight. Now we are not sure if we did the right thing to switch those two flats to you from Homeserve. We have another two flats on the premises which have new boilers and we were also thinking of transferring all properties to you. It is best that this be postponed just now until we ascertain if you will be able to do the servicing on time and in a reasonable fashion. Yours faithfully, Shah Allybokus

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