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    My mum took out a plan with 24/7 home rescue. ​today their engineer came to do a so-called annual check on our boiler. Our boiler has been working perfectly fine with our hot water running absolutely great. But as soon as the engineer from 24/7 home rescue opened the boiler, wag around the wires and fiddled around the pumps, went to the basement where the gas and electricity meters are located, came out, went back to the boiler and suddenly sprang up and hurried to the garden to the direction of the big boiler pipe which exhales smoke when the central heating is in use, he rushed back in and told us that the  small pipe outside, which is linked to that which releases water to the boiler is licking. Before I could get to it, I could hear the noisy sound of water gushing out of the pipe like a fountain.  I asked the engineer what he had done, he replied angrily that it wasn't him that the flow was there before he came. but one could see clearly that the flow had just been triggered  Anyway I contacted his head office and complained to the manager about it and all the manager said was, its a fault that will cost us £120 to fix that according to their T&C their plan does not cover faults. We should have read T&C prior to taking the plan. I tried to get her to send their engineer back to touch whatever it was he has touched to which resulted to the aggressive gushing of water from the pipe so it could stop, but the manager replied aggressively and rudely that if the engineer stops the flow, we will lose our hot water. However with such aggressive and negative response, I could not risk having such a criminal in the house creating further ruin to our boiler, with them making such an illusory fantasy that we will pay them to fix it. I am now left to get another engineer to fix it. So apprrently, we have taking a plan with 24/7 home rescue to scam us. 

    24/7 Home Rescue24-09-2018

    Dear Chi, Your report of difficulties with 24/7 Home Rescue is a serious concern. We can assure you that any suggestion of improper conduct or unprofessionalism of any engineer employed/sub-contracted by us is taken very seriously. Without your policy reference details though, we are unable to provide a comment on your particular case. We would invite you to contact our team directly by email at with the relevant details including your policy reference if you do wish to discuss this matter further. Regards, Lauren 24/7 Home Rescue


    I have the same experience. My boiler was perfectly fine until the engineer came, I have been left with no heating, no hot water for 11 days now. They just told me that they cancelled my membership and would not attend any service.

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