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    Really bad emergency cover, cowboy plumbers and ineffective Complaints Team.

    Isabel Gray02-10-2018
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    Terrible and costly service from 24/7 Home Rescue Emergency Cover. A catalogue of poor practice and negligence.

    Returned home from our family summer holiday to find that the toilet cistern had been leaking, causing considerable damage. Contacted 24/7 Home Rescue, as we remembered we had an emergency cover witht hem, and reported the incident. What followed thereafter can only be described as a nightmare. It was the longest, most stressful period of time we have experienced as a family for a long time. It took over three weeks for the company to attempt to fix a minor problem. However, the plumber was so incompetent (or inexperienced?) and careless that in the end we had to get someone privately to deal with the matter. The whole thing from the start has been unbelievable. This is a brief chronology of the events that took place in the course of 24 days.

    First plumber came to assess the problem. Some parts were needed and said that he would order then and someone else would come to do the job. As we did not have a stop valve, he cut off the water supply to the cistern. This is the only toilet in a household of 5 people. We had to use buckets of water. After 4 days, and still no news, I made several calls to find out that no report had been issued and therefore no parts had been ordered. Was told that a different plumber would be sent. The second plumber (the main subject of this complaint, but not the only one) arrived and came up with a different view. Said that it would be best to have a new cistern altogether. He sent the report and placed the order while in attendance. 1 hour into his departure, I received a call from the company stating that my claim was not covered because "the cistern was broken or cracked". This is obvioulsly what the second plumber had alledged. More telephone calls to various sections of the company enabled me to convince them that all that was needed were some parts and no more. Nonetheless, the manager of the technical support team decided to go along with the recommendations of the second plumber. I was advised that the item would have to be ordered and that it would take a while.

    A week later, and this is now almost two weeks into our claim and us having to use buckets in the toilet, I was notified by the company that the second plumber, lets call him XX, would come some days later to complete the job. Again, more calls and more distressing conversations with staff that could only be described as robots. They kept telling me that they could not give me an earlier appointment because they were getting many emergency calls and all thier plumbers were busy. No matter how hard I tried to explain that our claim was if anything more urgent as the days went by, but I was cosistently met with disregard and poor manners. On a couple of occasions during my dealings with Custormer Carer Team, the line went dead. I have read from other reviewers that this is actualy common practice. Common practice also appears to be that the caller does not have access to a manager. I wanted to speak to a manager within the appointmens team on several occasions and was always told that there was none on site.

    XX eventually came to the house, over two weeks since the claim was made, and informed us that there was a part missing ( flushing cone) and therefore could not install the cistern. He left the item with us. No sooner he left, I went through the box and found the flushing cone. I texted him but got no answer. I also contacted both by email and over the telephone Customer care and Technical support teams and they took no notice of what I was stating. They made us wait another whole week until the flushing cone was received from thier suppliers and XX could do the job. XX arrived with the flushing cone on the 24th day and told us, rather matter of fact, that it was too big. We showed him the actual flusing cone that was already there and he said that he had not seen it. He did not apologise. He even thought it was funny. XX installed the cistern various parts and left. We were relieved, although not for too long, thinking that finally we had a working toilet. Unfortunatelly, it all looked too good to be true. The flushing tube was leaking after a few flushes. My husband called XX on his private mobile and he came a few hours later. He tightened the plastic nut and said that the cistern and parts were cheap and that if it kept leaking, we should apply some sylicone all around it. We thought we had heard and seen it all but obviously not. That same night, we noticed that the fulshing tube was still leaking and that there was water coming from the flushing cone. The next morning, we also found that one of the copper pipes nearthe cistern was also leaking around the joints. I telophoned 24/7 Home Rescue and reported the incident. I was distressed.I just could not take any more of this. I defenitelly did not want XX back. They said that there were no plumbers available as they were all booked for the day. I begged for a plumber to be dispatched urgently and was advised that I would hear from the appointments team later on in the day.

    To this date, no one has been in contact. 24/7 Home Rescue washed their hands off us. We had to get the job done properly privately. I made a complaint to the Complaints Team. I raised various issues: appalling custormer care and labour, appalling treatment, distress caused to me and my family, lack of regard for the situation caused by then, amount of time taken off work to be at home on 4 separate occasions, expenditure incurred from us, etc, etc. We eventually had a short, abrupt reply, implying that we shoud consider ourselves lucky for getting a new cistern and offering the return of the £75 excess. I immediately replied clarying that we did not need a new cistern but a bottom inlet valve and that we were not responsible for thier own choice of action. I asked for the matter to be referred to their internal Mediation Team, which according to their Terms and Conditions is an extra layer to safeguard service users. I wanted my complaint to be properly investigated and addressed fully. I received an email from the Complaints team expressing that they have done a thorough investigation and replied to all of my points. But they have not.

    24/7 Home Rescue have behaved incompetently and with total disregard for what meant to be the most basic repairs. Even the Complaints Team is abrupt and dishonest. 24/7 Home Rescue appears to be very good at persuading new customers to join them. They make all sorts of claims that they provide a good, efficient and competent service,but this is far from our experience. As I said before, I have now read ample reviews that go to show that my case is not an isolated one. It is common practice for them to take the money, send out unprofessional labour and, if they can get away with it, ask for more money.

    James 24/7 Home Rescue30-10-2018

    Dear Isabel, We're sorry to hear how you feel regarding your negative experience with 24/7 Home Rescue, we would like to reassure you that your review has been read through thoroughly. Unfortunately, we would be unable to investigate this for you as the policy reference is not present in your initial review. We would like to invite you to contact us via email at with all the relevant details including your policy reference and the reference (JG) in the subject box. Once the email has been received, I am more than happy to personally investigate this complaint for you. James 24/7 Home Rescue Social Media Advisor



    Wish I had read these reviews before contact 247 Home Destroyer!

    Samantha Milgate20-12-2018

    Wish I had read these what a con artist company!

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