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    Terrible service and lack of clarity on Platinum Landlord cover

    Mr Gambrill10-09-2018
    Would buy here again: NO









    I posted the below review on Trust Pilot and within 1 hour it was flagged as inappropriate and under investigation by Trust Pilot. Trust me, I'm not the only review which has been flagged. Their website screams great reviews, so I'm guessing they filter out the bad ones.

    My original review:

    I've used British Gas for as long as I can remember and thought I would give 24/7 Home Rescue a try. The sign up process was pretty straight forward, having read through all the information on the sign up page I decided to go for the Landlord Premium cover (with no excess) which includes parts and labour, a yearly service, Gas CP12 certificate and more. this was in November 2017.

    The problems started when I booked my first ever yearly service which includes the CP12 certificate. I called on the 24th July 2018 to book the appointment and booked it for Wednesday, 22nd of August 2018 - almost a month later.

    Fast forward to Tuesday, 21st August 2018, (the day before my appointment) and I receive a text saying the engineer will be at your property on the 22nd Aug between 8am and 5:30pm. Then I get another text say; "WE'RE SORRY! Your boiler service 22/08 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please reschedule the appointment as per the link sent". I call up, quite annoyed, and get passed around 3 times until someone speaks to me to tell me someone will call me back within 48 hours! Sure, enough someone calls back and tries to rebook my appointment a month later, around the 20th September! I tell them this is unacceptable and finally manage to get it a week later. Unfortunately, I ended up having to cancel that appointment. So I rebook and got it booked in for Tuesday, 6th September.

    The day comes, the engineer turns up for the annual service and starts to inspect the boiler. I then find out there are some issues with the flue clamp and an insulation panel. The boiler can't be used, and it needs to be capped off from the meter until the parts are replaced. Ok, fair enough, thats why I took out the Platinum Landlord cover in the first place, "to cover" problems like this. The engineer writes up his notes and informs me that someone will call me within 48 hours to book a time to fix the parts.

    An hour later, I receive a call from 24/7 Home Rescue and the lady on the phone informs me that as this was a "boiler service", I would have to pay £160 to fix the two problems with the boiler. Wait a minute, isn't this why I took out the landlord cover with NO EXCESS in the first place? The lady tells me, parts and labour are NOT covered if the engineer finds a problem with the boiler DURING THE SERVICE and this is in my Terms and Conditions. Surely, this should be stated on the SIGN UP page of the website before the customer purchases the cover?

    The whole point of a service is to make sure the boiler is working correctly and replace anything if required. When I was with British Gas, during a service they would replace the parts without batting an eyelid. Furthermore, I contacted British Gas today to ask if they still repair the boiler if they find issues during a service and have a confirmation that they do.

    The difference is, ladies and gentlemen, you get what you pay for and 24/7 Home Rescue are utter trash! I will be switching back to British Gas Landlord HomeCare Two cover soon and look forward to a decent and reliable service.

    I strongly discourage people from even giving this company a try, it may seem cheaper, but believe me, you will be more out of pocket in the long run.

    24/7 Home Rescue24-09-2018

    Dear, Mr Gambrill. If, during a service, an engineer finds faults with a boiler which cannot be repaired under an agreement, an advisory note is provided detailing any remedial work that should be undertaken. The terms for service agreements do advise that remedial work following a service is not covered, that customers are fully responsible for any costs in terms of labour/parts and that we will not indemnify/guarantee any remedial work arranged between the customer and engineer direct. Any service agreement terms are provided on the 24/7 Home Rescue website beside product details and customers are invited to agree to these terms when setting up the policy. However, using the details given, we are unable to provide a response for your particular case. If you do wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact our team directly by email at with the relevant details including your policy reference. Regards, Lauren 24/7 Home Rescue.

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