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    This company is now under investigation by the gas regulator for compliance issues. I recently referred the company and its engineer Thomas, based in the Northeast, for issuing a CP12 (Landlords gas safety check) when none of the legally required checks were carried out. This company and its engineers are putting people lives at risk, they are caring out unnecessarily and unsafe work.
    If you have had any work carried out by this company and are concerned, then you should contact the regulator, who will be able to help.
    I have been promised 4 management callbacks and no one has spoken to me to date, they refuse to give their public liability insurance details (if they have any).
    I have now canceled the policy and used the direct debit clawback scheme to recover all the money taken by this rotten company. The company is also breaking the direct debit rules and taking a random amount of money from their bank account.
    They are paying people for 5-star reviews.
    They are not regulated, this is not emergency cover, and it is on a one-month rolling contract.
    247HOME RESCUE is a trading style of 247 Home Assist Ltd.
    The engineers are contractors to another company called 360 home response.
    DO NOT USED THIS COMPANY. Directors: GOHRI, Ranjen and KHONAT, Hassan

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