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    This company is now under investigation by the gas regulator for compliance issues. I recently referred the company and its engineer Thomas, based in the Northeast, for issuing a CP12 (Landlords gas safety check) when none of the legally required checks were carried out. This company and its engineers are putting people lives at risk, they are caring out unnecessarily and unsafe work.
    If you have had any work carried out by this company and are concerned, then you should contact the regulator, who will be able to help.
    I have been promised 4 management callbacks and no one has spoken to me to date, they refuse to give their public liability insurance details (if they have any).
    I have now canceled the policy and used the direct debit clawback scheme to recover all the money taken by this rotten company. The company is also breaking the direct debit rules and taking a random amount of money from their bank account.
    They are paying people for 5-star reviews.
    They are not regulated, this is not emergency cover, and it is on a one-month rolling contract.
    247HOME RESCUE is a trading style of 247 Home Assist Ltd.
    The engineers are contractors to another company called 360 home response.
    DO NOT USED THIS COMPANY. Directors: GOHRI, Ranjen and KHONAT, Hassan

    24/7 Home Rescue24-09-2018

    Dear, Gray. As a service provider, 24/7 Home Rescue operates as a non-insurance registered entity. We are not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as our service plan is outside of this body’s remit. Our customers are not incentivised to provide positive feedback over the Trustpilot site as this would be in breach of the site’s guidelines that we ensure are met with all feedback received from our customers. However, we can assure you that any suggestion of improper conduct or unprofessionalism of any engineer employed/sub-contracted is taken very seriously. At the moment, we are unable to provide a response for your particular case using the details provided. If you do wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact our team directly by email at with the relevant details including your policy reference. Regards, Lauren 24/7 Home Rescue.

    Lucy 13-11-2018

    24/7 I can confirm you offer your customers money off their bill if they leave you positive reviews,. This happens when people first set up an account - I now understand why it is at the start as if you waited any longer there would be no positive feedback to give. The initial joining is the positive thing. So if this is in breach of site guideline's the site needs to look into this


    "Risk to life" the title exactly describe the services by 247 home rescue (destroyer). Today is the 7th Dec, my perfectly working boiler has been switched off by their engineer since the 27th Nov. I have just been informed that they have cancelled my membership and would not attend further service. I have been paying them for a few months and have been left with no heating, no hot water for 11 days, now they are gone! If I was in my 70s, 80s, I could have been frozen to death. Killer company !

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