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    Brian O Connor29-01-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    I advise anyone looking for boiler insurance to carefully read all these comments and mine before buying insurance cover. Then you can make the right decision.

    I have been with 24/7 Home Rescue for two years and despite making two legitimate claims I ended up paying out every time, their excuses were, this fault is not covered by the policy, see terms and conditions, it eventually cost me 150 to have the fault fixed. Then I found that they had set my premium at £14.40, thirty pence short of £14.70 which it should have been for no excess, I searched their plans but could not find a plan for £14.40 on this companies website. This cost me another £45 for the excess the second time I claimed in the two year period. The service engineer found that I needed a new thermistor , he came and fitted it but discovered I needed a new PCB board and valve. The company declared my boiler as “BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR” because of the cost of the repair and informed me that they are not not liable to pay for the cost of the repair. They serviced my boiler two months previously and did not inform me of this at anytime nor when I first took out the policy. To me this is their get out clause so that they don’t have to pay. Judging from the letters of complaint on Trust Pilot and Money Saving Expert they have used this get out clause hundreds of times with other customers, using the same excuse even on boilers a few years old. They told me I would have to pay £400 plus if I wanted to have the boiler repaired. They said they would pay 60% towards the repair but that they have a limit of £110 which meant I would have to pay over £300. I was so angry at this excuse that I am receiving no benefit from being insured with them. We are both in our seventies on pensions and we were simply not able to afford the repair either. Despite this firm paying out nothing at all, I was then informed that I still owe them £148 to close my account. I explained them my policy was on a rolling basis from month to month as was still shown on my account webpage. They informed me that because I had made a claim they put me on a twelve month contract this without notifying me, therefore, they said that by my leaving before the end of this contract I owed them the £148 for the other eleven months. All this meant that not only was I paying them the premium of £14.40 per month for two years but also, £150, for the first fault repair, £45 excess and £300 for the second fault, whilst they paid nothing, except fit a thermistor cost about £3. Later on I queried the payment £148 and was informed that there had been a mistake and I now did not have to pay it because they cancelled my policy.How many other people, especially the elderly would simply pay the £148 just to escape this firm. I am now left with a faulty boiler in winter even though I paid for a full breakdown cover policy.

    I advise everybody to read the small print in their terms and conditions before considering taking out an insurance policy. How they are allowed to get away with this is beyond me, surely these cases like mine should be investigated.

    Alice Roberts18-02-2019

    Hi Brian, Your comments regarding the service you received by 24|7 Home Rescue is very important to us. We want customers to have a stress- free experience with 24|7 Home Rescue. We aim to take the pressure out of the emergency that you have encountered. Your report of difficulties in your engagement with us is a serious concern. Mindful of this we are eager to seek out some form of explanation and in doing so reach a resolution for the concerns raised by yourself. Please email us directly at with your customer reference number to hand and a member of our team will be more than happy to look into this for you. Kind regards, Alice Roberts 247 Social Media team

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