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    Lewis Dee27-02-2019
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    Advice to all complainants.
    As this company has a less than good reputation and clearly has issues regarding billing and or service. Everyone should follow this procedure.


    Lewis dee27-02-2019

    It is alleged that some companies use time and difficulty in making complaints a tool in a bid to make their complainants give up. Good professional companies will always put their customer first. In addition, you are not only covered by the company's own terms and conditions but also covered under UK Law. which looks at Advertising, Sales of goods and Services, Financial Services, and many other consumer protections. 1) Make your first complaint to the telephone number shown on your agreement Letter. 2) Write to their head office address shown within their Terms & Conditions that you are placing them on notice that should the issue (detail it thoroughly) not be resolved or agreed to be resolved within 7 working days you will proceed to small claims. 3) In the case of 24/7 you may well be directed to make a complaint via their 24/7 web site BUT beware they will ask you to waiver your rights OF BRINGING the complaint into the Public Domain at any time related to the complaint. Take a screen shot of this for your case record, as it is an alleged infringement AND DO NOT ACCEPT IT 4) Now e-mail the company's complaints web site and ensure you request that a copy of your complaint be passed onto the company directors. Formally advise that you have notified them to rectify the issue or that they agree to rectify the issue within a reasonable time frame and that subject to not gaining such agreement , that immediately after the 7 working days prior notification already made that you will proceed to small claims. 5) Do not be fobbed off. Also during the process call your Citizens Advice centre and check that you are following the correct procedure and request they pass the information onto trading Standards. They will give you a ref; Number, use this on all future correspondence with 24/7. 6) If the company is operating a fair and reasonable complaints procedure they will communicate with you immediately but if you feel that excuses are still being made or you feel that you are being fobbed off just issue (on line) the small claims procedure. It is inexpensive and if the court rules in your favour you will be reimbursed. If or should you seek a legal advice pertaining to the issue, then part of those costs could also be recovered. If you use a third party to provide an independent or expert opinion, then those costs may also be recovered. In the case of 24/7 Home Rescue my colleague is having a an issue revolving around billing and renewal terms of the agreement and in his opinion alleged sharp practice whereby terms are changed including billing without prior written and agreed to notification has been experienced . They are however, allowing 24/7 every opportunity to resolve matters professionally and all media and agencies will be advised as to how the matter is finally dealt with. Clearly every organisation need s to be given the benefit of the doubt but it is by their ongoing actions that their reputation will be judged upon.

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