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First of all the Illustator plug-ins Astute Graphics offers are generally speaking great to use. Unfortunately the company behind it makes it hard to really appreciate them. Here's a list of reason...Read on

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    Would buy here again

    Great products, terrible customer service, weird sales policies

    First of all the Illustator plug-ins Astute Graphics offers are generally speaking great to use. Unfortunately the company behind it makes it hard to really appreciate them. Here's a list of reasons based on my experiences.

    1. Extremely hard to get refunds. Many other software vendors offer them with no questions asked policy which makes buying from them safer. Astute has listed terms and conditions on their site that need to met before being eligible for a refund. This kind of behavior makes a company seem unsure of their own products. You might want to go through that list before doing business with them.

    2. If you buy plug-ins from Astute Graphics get ready to always be up to date with the latest bought upgrades since they drop support for older versions the second the new one comes out. Ideally you'd always have to be using the latest version of Illustrator and the latest version of Astute plug-ins. If you don't upgrade to the latest plug-in version don't get upset if they stop working when a new Illustator version is released. I just noticed this when a plug-in that worked in Illustrator CC2018 yesterday totally stopped working in CC2019. And yes, it's understandable that Astute won't offer support for older versions of their plug-ins but when you realize they only offer upgrade prices for a month(!) after the new plug-in version comes out you realize you're dealing with a software company that's writing its own rules, and not in a good way.

    3. Customer service is terrible. I was basically b-i-t-c-h-e-d at for daring to ask questions they didn't appreciate, mainly for trying to politely get a refund after having misunderstood the Illustrator version the plug-ins I'd bought would work in. (The information was not clearly available on their website, and it's still quite messy.) When you treat your customers rudely you make it clear you don't really appreciate them as your customers, you only want their money this one time. Astute Graphics made it clear they just don't care. Their behavior also made it clear I'd never want to contact their customer support again.

    4. Understanding which plug-in versions work in which Illustrator version is complicated, if you're not always up to date with your plug-in upgrades. Yes, once again I realize that it's hard to offer plug-ins for software made by others but still, even installing the plug-ins is messy if you're not using the latest version of Astute plug-ins.

    I'm a freelancer and I don't swim in money. I've been buying software since the mid 90s and quite frankly buying from Astute Graphics has been the worst experience during that time. Yes, they make great products but apparently when you think you walk on water you believe you can treat your customers any way you like.

    Will I ever buy from them again? Probably but only because they offer one of a kind products. However I most definitely would've already bought more if I knew I was dealing with a company that I know treats me with respect.

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Astute Graphics

With the world going digital and virtually every human activity being carried out on the internet, pictures and videos play an important role. It is not enough to create amazing and compelling writing contents; you should also be able to come up with great images and videos. The most important thing about the graphics that you use, either for personal or professional purposes is quality. Low-quality graphics can get very annoying and make people lose interest in your contents. Ready to make the move? There are several graphics brands out there that you can choose to do business with, one of which is AstuteGraphics.

But how do you determine the quality and pricing of this brand? How are you sure they are not like the many other brands who have disappointed you by providing subpar services previously? The simple way to find out is to read through reviews and feedback from previous clients of this brand.

About Astute Graphics
Astute Graphics is an established brand that specializes in providing imaginative tools that can be used by designers. At the core of this brand is the provision of design software and guides on how to make use of this software. Currently, this brand is said to be used by over 185,000 designers across the globe with notable brands like Apple, Disney, Adidas, and Visa among others.

This design brand is made up of a team of designers, and is led by Aaron Draplin. It offers a website that makes all the products and services that it offers available to users from across the globe. If you are a creative, they claim to have the best software for you at affordable prices.

Services of Astute Graphics
Astute Graphics offers a wide range of software and plugins that can be used to initiate designs. Some of the major plugins that are offered by this brand includes AstuteBuddy which is a keyboard shortcut panel and Autosaviour which can be used for autosave, backups, and reminders. It also offers ColliderScribe, DirectPrefs, and DynamicSketch plugins.

Asides from the different software and plugins offered by this brand, it also offers resources that can be used by designers. These resources are provided to help users understand how the platform works. Under these resources, you will find information about Astute Manager, testimonials, and updates among others.

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Astute Graphics
There was a point where you just got to hear about Astute Graphics for the first time. Then, you most probably relied on reviews to understand how the platform works. From those reviews, you learnt about the products and services as well as tips to use the brand. You can also help other new users of Astute Graphics understand how the brand works by leaving honest reviews about your experience on BritainReviews.

We are an independent review website that provides reviews as they appear without filtering them. So, do you have any complaints, compliments, or tips about Astute Graphics that you will love to share with others? Then, feel free to leave any such reviews or tips on our platform.