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    English is a global language. People get in contact with English via video games and English apps. And even if English is your native language there is always room to improve. It is not easy to read, write and speak English because even native speakers might not be aware of all the grammar rules. ClarityEnglish would like to help you with this. But what quality education will ClarityEnglish offer? Will they really be able to introduce you to even the smallest details of English grammar? Will it be easy to enrol via their website? And will the customer service of ClarityEnglish help you when you get stuck in your educational process? Only people who already practiced English via this website can tell you a bit more about it. Read their reviews to get an impression of how ClarityEnglish works. Their experiences, comments, ratings and opinions can show you if you might benefit from ClarityEnglish.

    About ClarityEnglish
    ClarityEnglish is an educational institute that offers practice material and courses focussing on English grammar. The company was founded in 1992. Andrew Stokes and Adrian Raper established ClarityEnglish in Malaysia.  Back in the days they still worked with a floppy disk on which you could find their Tense Buster Intermediate program. Now, their courses are available in many countries. Their software program is being used by schools, universities and individuals from just about any country in the world. You can use ClarityEnglish for various goals. An example is their practice program called Practical Writing. This program is meant for students of intermediate or advanced levels. Via this program, you learn some practical skills for English writing at school or in everyday life. If you have a specific goal, for instance, the so-called IELTS, then you can find a program specifically designed for this purpose. It has advice video’s, interactive activities and mock tests. The Tense Buster program is still present too. With that program, you can expand your knowledge and understanding of the three most important aspects of English grammar. These assignments are available from primary school level to advanced. Then there is Active Reading (focussed on reading skills) and Clear Pronunciation. But they don’t only focus on language acquisition. There are also programs that help you to study. Study Skills Success helps you with developing and improving certain study skills. It helps you to develop your own way of critical thinking and to approach independent learning and studying.

    Co-founder Adrian Raper about his educational program.

    Services of ClarityEnglish
    Via the website of ClarityEnglish, you can easily get by practice material and practice programs. ClarityEnglish can improve your pronunciation, grammar or reading skills. And there is a ClarityEnglish customer service department to help you out when you get stuck.

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    Have you ever made use of one of ClarityEnglish’s programs? Then, we would like to know what your experience with this educational institute is. How easy was it to download a practice program via their website? Has ClarityEnglish’s software helped you to improve your English? And that is there to say about ClarityEnglish’s customer service? Write your own ClarityEnglish review and let us know what your opinion of this educational institute is.

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