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    The importance of education has moved the world to a rather better-living place. Since the educated minds invented the technological approaches to all daily endeavours like booking, reading, and programming, the importance and necessity of education are not confined to a 4-wall classroom again. The point is if an individual to have the same educational-content as those in colleges; it is possible from the corner of the room, even right on the sofa. How? The process began right from the time when two people can communicate without seeing each other, especially visual communication. Today, a wide range of technological approaches made it possible to relate to others in different parts of the world. Eduonix is a company that offers an E-learning platform available for anyone. Kindly read through their customers' assessment here, to know more about the company in the aspect of their capability, genuineness, and others.

    About Eduonix
    Eduonix is the premier training and skill development organisation which was started with a vision to bring world-class training content, pedagogy and best learning practices to everyone's doorsteps. Eduonix aims to identify and provide the best learning and training environment. The company claims to recognise industry veterans and content creators around the globe and bring them to the global audience using a number of intuitive platforms for easy and affordable access to quality content. Eduonix offers easy to understand online courses and workshops for everyday people. The company shows to have the solutions for those that which to acquire skill in the computing world but does not want to attend 4-years in college education. The company declares its missions to bring quality skill-building content and world-class learning experience to everyone using both online and offline mediums. To add fun and joy back to learning. Lastly, the company shows to offer "training and skill-building" courses across "technology, design, management, science and humanities." The company claims to have taught over 120000 students globally.

    Products and services of Eduonix
    The company offers digital-based services in the areas of "courses, E-degrees, and deals." The provided courses covered a wide range of technological fields. They include: "artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain, cloud, internet of things, cybersecurity and networking, game development, DevOps, software development, programming languages, web development, WordPress, digital marketing, photography, designing, personal development, business development

    certifications, project development, among others." Likewise, the E-Degrees are packed with: "several modules with well-defined content structure, building projects covering real-world problems, hands-on training from industry experts, task-driven curriculum, E-Books & reference docs, interview prep. guides, exams & quizzes, certification, among others." Other services include membership options, payments modes, and customers' services.

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    Are you on any of the company's subscription? If yes, kindly share your knowledge dealing with the company here. Do you love their delivery mode? How about their tutors, are they teaching understandable? Would you refer your loved ones to the company? If no, why do you think it's not necessary? Kindly share your opinions here, you'll be helping aspiring customers out there in making a legal decision.

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