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    Are you looking for a way to explore the world of DNA and learn more concerning your ancestry? Are you on a mission to explore the heritage on your paternal lines? Are you in need of a platform that can help you discover the percentage breakdown of your origins? Are you looking for a way to connect your maternal-line relatives in a reliable mtDNA database? Are you searching for an outlet to trace the migration paths of your male ancestors? Are you in dire need of connecting with your autosomalDNA relatives within the last 5 generations? Are you looking for a way to trace your surname to its roots and build your family tree in the process? Keep reading if your answers to the aforesaid questions wherein the affirmative. FamilyTreeDNA offers DNA journeys that trace paternal, family and maternal ancestry. But do clients need to order a new kit for add-ons and upgrades? Do they protect clients’ privacies? How is clients’ DNAs usually stored and processed? How long does it take them to provide clients with results? Reading honest reviews of FamilyTreeDNA here is one such way to get satisfactory answers to your questions.

    About FamilyTreeDNA
    FamilyTreeDNA asserts to be a comprehensive DNA matching database for autosomal DNA, mtDNA and Y-DNA. They claim to strongly believe that clients’ DNA belongs to them and as a result, will under no circumstances disclose it to the public or sell it as information to a third party. They have an in-house lab where most of the testing is carried out, this according to the company is to ensure no third-party lab have access to the DNAs of clients.

    Products and services of FamilyTreeDNA
    FamilyTreeDNA offers family ancestry test for autosomal DNA, maternal ancestry test with mtDNA mtFull Sequence, paternal ancestry test with Y-DNA, Y-111, Big Y-700 and Y-37, direct maternal line tracing, genealogical research projects, world largest mtDNA database matching, exploration of direct maternal line and geographic origins, uncovering of maternal heritage as far back as Africa, tracing of female ancestors’ ancient migration paths, determination of direct maternal ancestors, mtFull sequence videos, sharing of results in a fun way, mtDNA haplogroups, historical tracing of surnames, large Y-DNA databases, exploration of direct paternal lines and geographic origins, finding of paternal heritages going back to Africa and tracing of male ancestors’ migration patterns. FamilyTreeDNA also offer services such as learning centres, glossaries, scientific papers, blogs, refund policies and privacy policies.

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    Have you used FamilyTreeDNA to trace your paternal heritage in the past? What about your maternal lineage and by extension, your family tree? Would you say you didn’t waste your money by registering and using their database to gain perspective about your past? How would you rate their database on a scale of one to five? Would you recommend them to your close friends? Leave behind a review to help them pick up on new tips to improve their services for best clients’ experience.

    FamilyTreeDNA: Overview & Family Finder Autosomal Test (Part 1 of 3) Genetic Genealogy 2019

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    FamilyTreeDNA is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Good Causes & Charities.

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