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    Of all the sporting activities that are highly beneficial and enjoyable, golf is highly reputed. Everyone, both kids and adults, should experience what it feels like to play golf. If you have kids, now is the best time to indoctrinate them into playing golf. Playing golf has many benefits that will give kids an early headstart in life. For instance, if you expose your kids to playing golf early, they will develop a liking for the outdoors. We live in a world where more people keep to themselves more than ever; and as such, no one is concerned about their neighbours. This has led to most people feeling isolated and forsaken even though people are around them. Golf players unconsciously form lifelong friendships and also develop social and communication skills in the process. They form the habit of coordinating themselves around fellow players, looking out for each other and seeing the game as a friendly competition. By extension, these skills and habits extend into other aspects of their lives such as work, community relationships, etc. Also, the highs and lows of playing golf parallel life experiences and teach your kids how to keep their calm despite whatever comes their way. Playing golf also helps your kids develop healthy habits such as having regular exercises, eating healthily, getting good sleep, etc. If you are looking for a club that helps your kids get started in golf, you could check out GolPhin. However, you should read customer reviews of GolPhin here to know if they have been efficient as they claim.

    About GolPhin
    GolPhin is a company that was founded by Calum McPherson, a former golf scratcher. They claim that they help kids get started in golf in a fun-filled, enjoyable and confident manner. They maintain that they provide kids with an awesome learning experience in golf. They hold that the inappropriateness of the golf equipment kids used caused them to experience difficulties in moving ahead and getting results in the game. However, they claim that their innovative products provide just the right swing and technique for kids to get started. They take pride in the fact that their initiative is helping a lot of kids fall in love with golf and stakeholders are satisfied as well. They also provide platforms where they teach kids how to play golf.

    Products and services of GolPhin
    Their products include GFK range products such as GFK 324 sets, GFK 526 drivers, GFK 728 putters, GFK 728 swedgers, GFK 728 swedgers, GFK 728 #7 irons, GFK 526 kidstars bags, play@home kits, clicker golf balls, flipper golf balls, kids golf blue dolphin driver hard cover, kids golf pink dolphin driver hard cover, baseball cap comes in different colours such as black, white and pink, snap back cap, etc.

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    If you have used any of GolPhin products in the past kindly drop your experience and feedback. How would you rate the quality of their golf equipment? Do your kids like their teaching methods? How would you rate your kids' learning experience ever since they have started using GolPhin's products and services? How affordable are their products? Would you recommend GolPhin to others?

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    GolPhin is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Children & Baby.

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