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    Looking for a new game console, digital camera, computer or other devices? Of course, you will be on the lookout for the cheapest provider. But have you ever considered buying at an auction? One website that offers auctions for all sorts of devices is MadBid. But what kind of company is this? How do their auctions work? Can you trust the people behind the actions to treat the auctions fairly? How much chance will you stand of having the highest bid? And what kind of customer service will MadBid provide if you or any other members of their website approach them with a problem, question or complaint? The best people to tell you about these matters are the people that have already joined a MadBid auction. Read their reviews to get an understanding what joining a bid on MadBid entails. Their opinions, experiences and other comments can help you see if MadBid might be a decent auction website to join.

    About MadBid
    MadBid is a company that offers online auctions. The company is financially backed by the same people that also founded services like Skype and Kazaa. They operate in 5 different European countries. You can find them in Spain, Ireland, the UK, Germany and Italy. They call themselves “the most trusted brands in the auction industry”. MadBid has 2 million customers in the UK alone and much more spread over other countries. Their assortment contains items like warehouse closeouts, wholesale stock, manufacturer stock, warehouse products and overstock surplus. That means you can bid on products like mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, Apple iPhones, Nintendo Wii consoles, Microsoft Surface laptops, Nikon digital cameras, Samsung cameras, iPads, Samsung bundles, Apple bundles, Xbox One consoles, Audi cars, Range River cars, BMW cars, TV’s, iMac computers, Sony Playstation 4 consoles, Kenwood Chef Titanium Blenders, and many other products. 

    An explanation of how MadBid works.

    Services of MadBid
    You can join their bids by becoming a member of their website. You can join via a username, telephone number, and email address, but you can also sign in via Facebook. Once you are a member, you can buy credits to bid on auctions of your favourite products. You place your bid and wait for the timer to reach zero. Is someone else places a bid, the timer will restart. If you have the last bid when the timer strikes zero, you’re the winner and receive the product. No luck? They will give you your money back so you can place another bid. They do cap the number of auctions a member can win. That's because they want to prevent the same people from winning over and over again, leaving other people no chance.

    Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for MadBid
    Have you ever placed a bid on MadBid? Then we would like to know from you how this bidding website really works. How accessible is their website? Will they really pay you back if someone places a higher bid? And what kind of customer service will they provide if something does not go according to your plan? Write a review and tell us and potential customers all about it.

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