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    Language is important for communication between humans, and one of the ways to foster tolerance and improve world outlook is to learn other languages. Much more than that, however, is the fact that China has become a major player in the global economy within the past few decades, which places the language alongside other foreign international languages that are strategic to learn. Also, learning Mandarin will aid a traveller’s journey to other countries where the language is spoken, such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Brunei and Philippines, making Mandarin Chinese the most widely spoken globally. If there are concerns about learning the Chinese written form, they are not unfounded as they are totally unique from the western letters and alphabets, and many people have said it is easier to learn to speak the language as there are no verbs, conjugations, plurals, tenses or subject-verb agreement as is the case in English and other western languages. The Chinese characters number up to eighty thousand, although only about 3,500 characters are required for effective conversations. But if you need further reasons to learn Mandarin, maybe you should consider the improvement it might bring to your artistic skills, as writing the characters is more of an artistic expression than calligraphic one. Studies have also shown that Mandarin-speaking engages both hemispheres of the brains, which will be advantageous to any human who hopes to improve his/her brainpower. But most importantly, you can enjoy travelling across Southeast Asia if you speak the language, as interactions with the locals would be easier, understanding the cultural and historic heritage of the locations you visit better enhanced, shopping and negotiation at the local markets easier and making business connections better. All over the world, people appreciate those who make the effort to learn their language, and this might just be the advantage you need to win that contract or gain that ally. Mandarin is even listed as one of the languages that broaden career opportunities in the world today. The Mandarin Blueprint was designed to help people from different parts of the world learn Mandarin from scratch, whether as a tourist, businessman, student or intending immigrant to a Chinese-speaking country. We can’t claim they’ve got you covered for sure, but we suggest you read honest customers reviews left for the Method by their past and existing learners and users before you commit to them.

    About Mandarin Blueprint
    Mandarin Blueprint was formed by two people, Luke Neale and Phil Crimmins, to offer an easy teaching platform for the Mandarin language to people across the world. While Luke’s strength lies in native-like pronunciations, Phil’s strength lies in reading and writing, and together, the duo designed a course that is claimed to fast-track people’s learning and understanding of the Chinese language.

    Products and services of Mandarin Blueprint
    The Mandarin Blueprint is a 4,200-video curriculum that is aimed at teaching Mandarin in-depth so that beginners can move to fluency and literacy in the language at a fast pace. The various courses offered on the Mandarin Blueprint include Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Characters, Grammar and OCLO. The resources deployed are blogs, podcasts and e-books.

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    If you have used any or all of the resources offered by Mandarin Blueprint in the past, then you are in the best position to tell others about it. Did you find the learning process easier as a result of the Blueprint? Would you recommend the Mandarin Blueprint to family, friends and colleagues? Please leave honest feedback about your experience with the course here for the benefit of others looking to enrol with the platform. The reviews you leave will also enable the company to determine ways to serve you and others better.

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    Mandarin Blueprint is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Education.

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