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    Learning is taking different dimensions these days. Some people like to get resources from the internet while others basically do their learning online. One might advocate a mix of both. For online learning and tutoring, support is the keyword for scholars who must try to balance school work and family life. Today there is a great demand for online tutors. It used to be a learner selecting from a limited number of professionals but as the online space and community has evolved, parents have sought to help their kids grasp topics and subjects better by using this platform. It has become a very convenient means of learning as sessions can be taken anywhere and anytime using different approaches. An e-learning organization like Matr focuses on a single discipline for specialization. Continue reading to learn more about Matr.

    About Matr
    Matr is a privately-held online tutoring company founded in 2013 and located in London, UK. This company has found its purpose in helping young people learn and master the fundamentals of math. Having realized that millions of children lack access to quality teaching, Matr claims to have sourced for professional and specialist tutors and created an e-learning outlet to equip children and teachers worldwide for effective teaching and learning, thereby giving rise to a global community of math-confident people. By drafting online one-on-one tutoring sessions designed in different learning plans and for different age groups, the company hopes to create a go-to platform where parents and guardians can take their children to for simplification of math work and lessons as a sort of off-school extension. Matr which claims to be the “largest math tutoring company in the country is used in thousands of schools and homes and have helped thousands of children succeed in math”. Aside from clicking on the online sessions, customers can contact the company via the phone number or email on their website.

    Products and services of Matr
    At Matr customers and learners can explore math programs. The programs are designed as one-on-one sessions which is basically just you and a tutor. The sessions are adapted for different ages of children and come with supportingcurriculum resources for extra work and learning. A parent can, therefore, choose which weekly plan suits his or her child. Because the programs are also flexible, you can re-book and access your tutor to suit your convenience which means you or your child can access these services anytime and from anywhere. Along with the Matr blog, customers can also read customer reviews and testimonials.

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    If you have ever engaged the services of Matr we would like to know what you think about them. Were you satisfied with the program? How helpful did it prove for your child? What can you tell us about the one-on-one sessions and learning plans? What can be improved about their services? Will you be confident enough to suggest Matr to others? By leaving an independent review you will be helping potential clients to make the right decision.

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    Matr is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Education.

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