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    Way back in 1954, American TV legend, Walt Disney became the first human to conceptualize a new mode of entertainment that fused fun and education. He branded his vision “edutainment.” It did not take very long for his prediction to materialize. Today, educational toys and games are a multi-billion dollar industry that is projected to continue expanding in the years ahead. Mental development is an important feature of child training. Mental exercises are to the brain what physical exercises are to the body. The measurement of mental capabilities has occupied psychologists and pedagogues for centuries. Notable contributors in this regard include Alfred Binet, Theodore Simon, Lewis Terman, David Wechsler, and others. The emergence and continuous evolution of digital technology have also rubbed off on the field of educational technology and the development of tools that enhance learning in both children and adults alike. Brain training can be described as indulging in computerized activities developed to promote mental or cognitive skills. The main intuition behind computerized brain training is the development of personal or group skills through constant practice. There are several brain/mind training apps or programmes that are designed for activities and exercises of the brain. Proponents of brain/mind training argue that these apps are designed to help improve learning and memory, enable users to be more attentive, retain, and process information faster and consequently improve intelligence quotient. MentalUP is a company that produces mind/brain training games for children, teenagers, and adults. For honest and independent reviews of MentalUP from existing customers, kindly read on.

    About MentalUP
    MentalUP is an online games medium that specializes in developing brain exercises and programmes. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Its games are developed by a team of academics, pedagogues, programmers/games designers, and medical consultants. The firm claims it has built over 100 brain games aimed at enhancing the mental skills of kids in areas such as memory, logical thinking, visual-spatial perception, verbal intelligence, attention, planning, conceptualization, and problem-solving. It also says its developed a formula that makes people mentally alert by playing its games for as little as 20 minutes per day.

    Products and services of MentalUP
    The company provides a host of brain training games which include memory exercises, attention and concentration exercises, logic and reasoning exercises, visual intelligence, and conceptual exercises that facilitate the effective application of mental potential among users as well as improving their problem-solving skills in a variety of ways. These games can be downloaded on computers, tablets, and mobile phones from the MentalUP website upon signing up for membership. Membership is open to those 18 years old and above or those below 18 but not below 13, provided they have parental/legal consent.

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    MentalUP - Brain Training Exercises and Games For Children

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