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    The English language is one of the most popular languages in the world today; spoken in nearly every country, and used as a lingua franca in many more. In the multilingual world of today, there is a large variety of languages to learn, with many being particular to certain countries, or regions. Since it would be a fool’s errand to consider the task of learning every language out there, it is a wiser choice to learn some of the most spoken languages in the world today. And in this list, we have languages like Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, English, and many more. Like all languages, English is much easier to learn for kids than for adults. Of course, this in no way asserts that every adult is a lost cause, it just means that kids have a more innate advantage in this area. Although learning languages are much easier when you are living in a location where the language is widely spoken, language teachers have invented a variety of methods, and interactive sessions that have made language learning in class settings easier. And the advent of technology has taken this advantage further by eliminating the distance barrier. So, if you need a platform from which you can explore the wonders of the English language, then Mrs Wordsmith might be a credible solution. Individuals that want to know more about the competence of Mrs Wordsmith as an English teaching platform, can read ahead to see the honest customer reviews of other individuals that have utilized the services of this platform.

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    Founded in 2015, and headquartered in the United Kingdom, Mrs Wordsmith is the result of a mother’s dream to create educational materials that would appeal to her kids. Sofia Fenichell, the founder of Mrs Wordsmith was a writer, and most importantly, a mother; one that was determined to ensure that language would not be left behind, while technology was undergoing constant evolution. Sofia had noticed that compared to the allure of technology, and entertainment, the learning process in schools was sorely lacking. Thus, she set out to create games, apps, and books that were geared to improve the reading, and writing capabilities of kids, while possessing the same appeal as their regular non-learning-focused counterparts.

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    Working with a team of teachers, data scientists, game designers, researchers, and writers; Mrs Wordsmith declares that they are on a mission to develop the vocabulary and the love for learning the English language in children that are within the ages of 4-11. The advisers involved in the development of their learning materials are alleged to be among those who designed the US, and the UK’s phonics curriculum. With an emphasis being placed on spaced repetition, visual learning, and game-like cues; Mrs Wordsmith vouches that their learning would always sick. The learning materials utilized by Mrs Wordsmith are in the form of curriculum worksheets, spelling books, phonics books, and mobile games such as Foolproof reading, and Word Tag.

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