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    Shocking!! Absolutely shocking!! Started a 40page photo book for my nephew with pictures of my brother (his dad) as he passed away this year, I had a group on code which wasn’t very clear. I’ve ended up with a book that’s got 60pages blank so now can’t send as a gift as it looks daft. Did an online chat and was told by Umesh that he would sort it which he hasn’t, so I called a week later And on trying to resolve the issue has cost me an additional £15 in call charges. Now have a £15 call bill trying to resolve the problem. So have a photo book that I can’t use as a gift, and an additional £15 charge and feel completely let down and upset about the whole situation as I put a lot of time and feelings into making the book how I wanted it to read for a little boy. It was upsetting creating it as it was very recent that he passed away, Hazel at customer services asked me to create it again!! It took me 2 weeks to make it perfect. I’m now £54.99 out of pocket for a book I can’t use and I know it’s just a book, to some people, but I wanted to send it to America for Christmas for my nephew, which means it now won’t happen. I’ve found the whole thing very upsetting! I would give it minus in stars if I could

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