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    can be defined as the diverse range of activities carried out by humans in creating auditory, visual, or performing artefacts, which is expressed by the author’s creativity, technical skill, or conceptual ideas, intended to gain recognition for the message they carry. One of the best forms of art is painting, and it dates back to pre-historic humans. This practice also spans all cultures and continents around the world. As humans, we have been naturally drawn to art from birth. We grow up exploring these talents, hence unlocking our painting skills. Although not all kids would find painting exciting, it’s been shown to have benefits that your child can gain from. Studies have shown that painting can help your child express their feelings or emotions better. With the use of beautiful colours, children can communicate how they feel without using their words. Painting is also an avenue for kids to have fun. Children who engage in a painting can also improve their hand-eye organization, which is a vital aspect of their age. This can be developed as children learn to paint their expressions through art, ensuring that the movement of their hands is per what they see. Some studies have also shown that children who paint find it easy to discover and recognize their creativity. They also get to learn sized, shapes, as well as designs, which are intricate aspects of their school curriculum. Children who paint also improve their decision-making skills and mobility skills. Painting is also a useful platform kids use to bond together. Many parents are beginning to appreciate art more than before. They wouldn’t mind encouraging their kids by getting them art materials. The problem, however, is that not many quality materials are in the market. We also don’t have enough platforms that encourage kid artists. Thankfully, platforms like Ready Steady Paint claims to have packages that are specially designed for kids to help them improve their art. However, we recommend you get more details about the company before requesting their services. Prospective customers can also read real reviews of Ready Steady Paint that are written by previous clients.

    About Ready Steady Paint

    Ready Steady Paint is an online art subscription platform that offers professional tuition and materials to children between the ages of 6 to 11. According to Ready Steady Paint, it believes that all children are naturally creative and should be given a chance to discover, explore, and develop their talents. The Art Shop was founded in May 2019, and it claimed its mission is to inspire children and to produce the next generation of prolific artists.

    Products and Services of Ready Steady Paint

    The platform offers a subscription that parents can do monthly, every half year, and yearly. The company’s package includes art supplies from different brands, making sure every child gets premium art and craft supplies. The art platform also provides free delivery services.

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    Ready Steady Paint is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Good Causes & Charities.

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