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    The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument in which the strings are struck by wooden hammers that are coated with a softer material. It is believed to have been invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700 in Italy. It is played using a keyboard, which consists of a row of keys or small levers which the performer strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands, thereby making hammers strike the strings. A piano is usually made to have a protective wooden case surrounding the soundboard and metal strings, which are strung under great tension on a heavy metal frame. The hammer rebounds from the strings, and the strings continue to vibrate at their resonant frequency. These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge to a soundboard that amplifies by more efficiently coupling the acoustic energy to the air. When the key is released, a damper stops the strings' vibration, ending the sound. Notes can be sustained, even when the keys are released by the fingers and thumbs, by the use of pedals at the base of the instrument. The sustain pedal enables pianists to play musical passages that would otherwise be impossible, such as sounding a 10-note chord in the lower register and then, while this chord is being continued with the sustain pedal, shifting both hands to the treble range to play a melody and arpeggios over the top of this sustained chord. Most modern pianos have a row of 88 black and white keys, 52 white keys for the notes of the C major scale and 36 shorter black keys, which are raised above the white keys, and set further back on the keyboard. This means that the piano can play 88 different pitches going from the deepest bass range to the highest treble. Due to the high level of attractiveness that the Piano has, a lot of people get interested in learning to play. This is why various organizations have tried to simplify the learning process. An example of such is the Rocket Piano. You should read honest reviews of Rocket Piano here before visiting their website.

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    Rocket Piano claims to have been in the business of providing piano lessons online for 5 years through their team that is said to be made up of passionate musicians and music teachers to make music easier and more accessible. The company claims its piano instructors have a total of 30 years combined musical experience of teaching, playing and performing and they have taught tens of thousands of students how to achieve their goals with piano.

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    The training package provided by Rocket Piano includes The Beginners Book, The Intermediate Book, The Advanced Book, The Jazz Book, Gospel, Spiritual and Hymns Book, Jam Track and Quizzes. They also provide 5 free special pluses which are The Rocket Piano Metronome, Jayde Musica Pro, Coordinator, Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano, and Perfect Your Pitch Pro.

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