Snus and Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches as Alternatives to Smoking

Snus and Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches as Alternatives to Smoking

Snus from Sweden, has been around for a while, since the mid 17th century in fact and is a product that tobacco users consume as an alternative to smoking. Tobacco free nicotine pouches are a more recent, smokeless way of satisfying the nicotine craving without the tobacco. They first came on the market in 2015 and sales have been rising ever since. This article considers these alternatives to smoking and suggests why nicotine pouches are so popular with consumers.

What is snus?

Snus is a little tobacco pouch that when placed in the cavity between the top lip and gum, releases nicotine which the gum absorbs, giving the user a smokeless nicotine fix. Users usually experience a little tingling sensation in the gum, when using them. Although legal to buy from overseas sellers and use in the UK, it’s illegal to sell snus in Great Britain and in most European countries.

What is a tobacco free nicotine pouch?

A tobacco free nicotine pouch is a smokeless solution that is consumed in the same way as snus when placed between the gum and upper lip. It does not contain tobacco and instead contains approved synthetic nicotine. The original pouch is flavourless and odour free but pouches come in a range of flavours, textures and strengths. They come in little pocket sized tubs that can be stored anywhere. Tobacco free or all white tobacco products as they are also called, are legal to purchase in the UK and online. Read some further information.

Why are nicotine pouches popular among users?

There are a range of smokeless alternatives on the market today and tobacco free nicotine pouches are growing fast in popularity among users. Adults who enjoy sport prefer them as they are so discreet and less stigmatised than smoking. Below are some suggested reasons for their popularity:

  • Handy and easy to use. No smoke to bother or harm others nearby

  • Lighter or matches not required

  • No worries about smoking near flammable materials or starting accidental fires

  • So discreet you can use them anywhere

  • Interesting range of flavours

  • Different strengths to suit all users

  • No stains on teeth or fingertips

  • Odourless

  • No more dashing outside for a nicotine fix

What ingredients do nicotine pouches contain?

Nicotine pouches follow the same simple Swedish design as snus, but without the tobacco. The pouches are made from cellulose, like teabags and come in the shape of small rectangular pillows. They are filled with fine white powder which contains approved synthetic nicotine, fibres, water, flavourings and sweeteners. They may contain stabilisers or citric acid. Ensure that you check the label for details. The fibres are plant based, so ideal if you’re following a healthy vegan diet.

What strengths and sizes do nicotine pouches come in?

The pouches come in different sizes and strengths. The large pouches last for about an hour and are a good choice if you won’t get the chance to change them often. Regular size lasts up to about 50 minutes while the smaller sizes like slim or mini last up to 35 minutes. There’s a super slim size which lasts up to 20 minutes and is ideal for use during meetings. The strengths range from less than 2 mg right up to 12 mgs.

How do I choose the nicotine pouch that’s best for me?

The choice of nicotine pouch flavours and strengths is almost overwhelming. There’s even a range of brands to choose from. Nicotine pouches range in strength from light to extra strong. If the experience is new to you, start off with a lower strength nicotine pouch. Opt for a mini or slim pouch as well until you get used to using them. As for the flavour, that’s all down to personal taste though maybe opt for a flavour you’re familiar with like refreshing mint or even coffee to start you off.

Do tobacco free nicotine pouches expire?

The nicotine pouches generally last 12 months. though you should always read instructions on the tub. You can store them anywhere and don’t need to put them in the fridge. They come in cool little tubs which keep them clean and dry.

Although nicotine pouches have only been around for a few years, sales are soaring and they’re likely to be around for a long time. With sustainability as a major trend for 2022, nicotine pouches are eco friendly as they cause less litter and come with a lid to store used pouches. This article has outlined what they are, why users find them beneficial and listed their ingredients, range of strengths and sizes to guide you should you opt to sample a pouch.

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